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It's Exactly What It Says On The Tin, nothing more, nothing less.

A tech demo for a frontal battle system, using RM2k3 1.12's advanced show picture functions and the Maniacs patch. The demo features one small town, a dungeon and a boss, as well as a small amount of toys to play with. The demo itself is unencrypted and free for everybody to open and learn (but not use!!! talk to me first.)

It's a very simple battlesystem in which you face the enemies in a perspective similar to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest; you can equip up to four items in battle (equipping is unavailable in the tech demo. You simply auto-equip an item when you find it, although you get a choice of who to.)

You don't level up, rather using actions give you a random amount of EXP towards its respective stats. (For this system in its fully realized form, you would also earn EXP after battle to freely distribute as you wish, in addition to the EXP from using abilities.)

Woop, hope y'all enjoy it! I hope to be able to make more like these, on the side.

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Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Cool. Could you write a tutorial on making a turn-based battle system? I can find many about zelda-like combat but none about turn-based one.
So works as base to do & learn a complete CBS. Interesting.
Use items requires do a complete
custom menu too
Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
Neat! I love tech demos like this.

Oh, by the way, how do I make my project files available for people to open my game up in the new RM2K3? I plan to release my project like that as well. It was trivial in the pirated version, no idea how I'd go about doing it in the official version.
I'm glad you guys like it :D

I definitely should write a tutorial! It's kinda hard though, to be honest I barely know what I'm doing LOL, but I definitely keep doability in mind when designing these custom battle systems, and tend to go through the path of least resistance: How can I pack the most "fun" in the least lines of code possible? lol

Also, @Gregtor, I wouldn't know there's a difference -- I just .Zipped my project file and sent it here -; as long as you do this instead of doing the rpg maker export thingy everyone should be able to open it.
I definitely should write a tutorial!

Yes, please... There's a disturbing lack of guides in the 2k3 community in regards to how to begin approaching custom systems. It's like we're just supposed to know or something...
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