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I have just joined RMN and look forward to increasing the vividness of my profile and project on this website.

Ensorcelled gemstones. Unearthly beasts. Mana will shatter and be reborn.

A devastating event releases magical chaos upon the world, rehoming its lifeforce within a breathless clutch.

Azmoria has lost their guardians...

A young man's destiny will forge hope anew as he inherits the magical endowments of nine miraculous crystals, known as, the core celestites. A complex Japanese anime universe, packed with magic, might and courage. A group of extraordinary heroes band together as they unravel the chromatic fires of an upcoming superpower world war.

Copyright © 2019 | All rights reserved.


It is mostly *inspired* by these titles:
Naruto (Anime Series/Movies), The Boy and the Beast (Anime Movie), The Legend of Dragoon (JRPG Video Game), Super Mario and the Legend of the Seven Stars (JRPG Video Game), Chrono Trigger (JRPG Video Game), Final Fantasy (JRPG Video Game), Fullmetal Alchemist (Anime Series), The Seven Deadly Sins (Anime Series) Rurouni Kenshin (Anime Series) and much more.

~(Main Character: Kazuki | Animated-Battler Sprite Vol.1)~

Artwork by: Chris Hatten

~(Enemy Example: Onyx Deer | Animated-Battler Sprite)~

Artwork by: Chris Hatten

~(Enemy Example: Monarch Sage | Animated-Battler Sprite)~

Artwork by: Chris Hatten

A multi-genre series, hexology and video game, with five years of sweat, blood, money and tears-In that order.

(Pronounced, sell-uh-stite)

©Legends of Celestite has been in the Starbleed Studio's workshop since November 4th, 2014 as a six-book or more anime series (hexalogy), as well as a traditional 2D turn-based combat JRPG video game that will cover volume's one through four; however, this entire project is still in substantial development. As my grandfather used to say, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

~(Sprite Work Example)~

Artwork by: Ækashics

~(Sprite Work Example)~

Artwork by: Ækashics

The storyline itself is exceptionally elaborate. Rather than blabber about it myself-all I can say is, I honestly think it is going to blow your mind if you invest the time and centre your imagination.

(All maps are made with premium photoshop and are parallaxed. This is very tedious, as I do not use the in-engine editor to build these!)

~(Overworld Example: IN-GAME IMAGE Arena Hall - Near Beginning of Game)~
(Still requires a pixelated polish)

~(Overworld Example: IN-GAME IMAGE Cavern of Tranquility)~

~(Overworld Example: IN-GAME IMAGE Jungle of Yuun)~

The rough drafts of the novel are posted below and are FREE to read!
This is the same story as the JRPG! Want a sneak peek? Get reading!

Volume One: The All Bearer: https://www.wattpad.com/story/144660678-legends-of-celestite-volume-one-the-all-bearer

Disc 1: The All Bearer will be ready for testing in 2024.

If you are interested in seeing unprecedented progress towards the video game, or the books, come and acknowledge your support across my other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Wattpad! :)

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Aweasome, so i will able to test the disc1 in err... next 4 years =)
Aweasome, so i will able to test the disc1 in err... next 4 years =)
You bet! I promise I'm not going anywhere, ;)
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