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Yet another demo fix! Game breaking bug in last demo.

So, I watched Libby's stream of my game and decided I definitely needed to fix the demo. I included a game-breaking bug in the most recent version of the demo! That had to go! It was an autorun that I didn't trigger right in the sewer. I corrected the trigger, and just to be on the safe side, I made it a parallel process. I also increased the types of encounters the sewer and added a creature type. I then went through and fixed the text/character name errors I had caused throughout the game.

Also, some of the comments I got on the game have convinced me to continue working on it and not to abandon it because it's a fan game (my attitude on fan games has usually been to not make them when I could make a perfectly good original story.). I'm also getting rid of all the old demos except for the jam version of the demo.

Progress Report

New Version Based on El_Waka's Critique

An updated version is in the process of uploading. It improves the sewer level, showing the locations of bridges once they are extended, reduces the number encounters, raises the difficulty of the sewer boss, and adds dialogue to NPCs. It improves the map with less than obvious side routes. Stealing has a lower success rate. A cutscene has been altered.


New version of the demo is incoming.

So, I just realized I did an oopsie! The game is supposed to be "save only at moogles", but for playtesting, I had left "save enabled" on. I forgot to turn it off. Also, I forgot to do something else which you very likely won't even notice. I couldn't get any of Yami's or CrystalNoel's summoning scripts to work properly, so rather than lose time trying to figure out why they wouldn't work I did an evented workaround for summons, and I forgot to set something there. I'll eventually figure out what was going on with those scripts, but until then, I'm actually very pleased with how summoning has turned out. Anyway, thing I needed to fix is in the database. You won't even notice the difference between versions unless you're looking for it. Anyway, file is compressing as soon as I can, I will upload an updated version of the demo. I am, of course, leaving the event version of the demo in place.

So, sorry about that!
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