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This is a final fantasy fangame with suikoden elements. Recruit characters from all over the world as you go on adventures and explore new areas. It's still a WIP. The game will have once completed a recruitment system and a base to build and expand upon. Now made in Pixel Game Maker MV.

Firon finds himself in a strange new place after the events that have transpired where he is met by monsters and is now determined to make sense of his situation. Traversing through the cave he discovers new abilities to help him fight against the monsters and eventually makes it out with a new friend he discovers. He discovers he is in an entirely different world and is now trying to find a way back to his home but while in this new world he decides the best thing to do will be to get stronger and traverse new areas looking for a way home. Can he make it back and at what cost?


- Original Graphics
- Final Fantasy type combat with suikoden elements
- Many characters to recruit

Arrows: Move around
Space: Confirm/attack
1: Skill 1
2: Skill 2
Enter: Menu

Latest Blog

Pixel Game Maker MV

This game is now being made with Pixel Game Maker MV. A new demo is uploaded.


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