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Game Design

AI/Partner System and Decision Making

A couple new features I'm adding in Chapter 2 of Shadow Seeker is the introduction of AI partner gameplay, and game changing decision making!

Your partner will Crouch along with you to make less noise and susceptible to being spotted by your enemies.

While Sprinting, your partner will do the same. Movement is based off of your own but no fear about her getting
you stuck as she will move away from ever blocking you.

While not engaging with an enemy, when you aim with a weapon, Carolina will cover your blindspot and fire her
gun whenever you fire yours. If you are engaged with an enemy, she will turn her attention to the enemy instead!

In combat, she can help you with extra damage and shots, both her damage and hitboxes are evented
and determined as well. She can also Headshot as well!

Currently there is no friendly fire and enemies cannot attack her, nor does she have
finite ammo or health. This may be subject to change as I oversee the rest of the gameplay.

While observing the environment, your partner may come across something interesting if she happens to be
close by. An exclamation mark will appear and she'll either give you her thoughts or perhaps advice for certain

As for Game Changing Decision Making, there will be multiple instances in which you must make heavy choices,
each come with their own actions. For example, having your partner along with you in Chapter 2 is entirely optional,
you can choose to go solo.

But how will this affect the story, and what will play out? That's for you to find out :D

Game Design

Shadow Seeker Boss Fight! The Shackled

Shadow Seeker The Shackled Boss Fight

Here's a quick rundown of the first boss in Shadow Seeker, The Shackled.
Equipped with a variety of mechanics and moveset, this guy will keep you on your toes!

Arm Swipe
This attack covers an arc range and can hit you if you're too close. Distance
is always recommended. Can also be avoided by Crouch Dodging with precision.

Occasionally, The Shackled will stomp the floor hard, causing the player to lose
balance and fall over. This will interrupt your aiming and can put you in a bad position
for the boss to attack.

This can be negated by Rolling at the exact moment that the stomp impacts the ground!

The Shackled will sometimes attempt to Grab you instead of using an Arm Swipe. If
you are grabbed, you will be thrown and take heavy damage.

If you are at low health, the Grab becomes an instant kill with a very gruesome death animation.

At 50% Health, The Shackled will sometimes become infuriated and begin to Charge at
the player. If you don't have enough Stamina to run away, you will automatically be grabbed
by The Shackled.


RPG Maker Cola Podcast and Misaos!


Hey guys, how's it going? Just wanted to say that I am humbled to be featured in this upcoming
RPG Maker Cola Podcast hosted by CashmereCat, along with my very talented fellow homies Blind
and Giznads.

I'd love to discuss anything about Shadow Seeker or even Lakria Legends if you all had any questions
to ask, whether it's about the gameplay or combat, etc. Feel free to give me your input, we'd all love that! :)


I was legit blown away by this, but it seems like this years' awards, Shadow Seeker has been nominated in
two categories. I'm very thankful for those who nominated and to those who will vote for it!

Such a great amount of amazing games coming out from last year, and I'm sure they're only going to get better!

Shadow Seeker was nominated for Most Promising Demo, and the How The Hell Did They Do That? award,
if you'd like to please help support! Or just use this link to cast your votes. Thank you all for your support, time,
and patience. Much love to you all! <33 :)

Vote Link


DEMO V 1.1 is out!

(Shadow Seeker DEMO V 1.1)

- Early Basement Key appearing has been corrected

- Fixed multiple instances in which you could get direction
locked when fighting The Shackled

- Fixed lighting issue in the Library

- Fixed a couple graphic bugs in the Basement

- Fixed multiple instances in which you can't open your Menu

- Fixed spider graphics in the Basement

- Fixed a graphic bug in the intro of the game

- Fixed some text consistency in the Upgrade menu

- Fixed a bug where you could still open your Menu upon dying

- Fixed a softlock bug when trying to use your Knife walking up or
down staircases

- Fixed a Stamina issue which caused freezing when opening the Menu

- Corrected some tile passability problems in the daughter's room

- Fixed a graphic bug when coming back to the Basement Safe Room
from the Upgrade menu

Sorry if it seems I'm spamming these blogs lol I just like to keep people up
to date on the game! ><


Demo Known Issues/Bugs

It's inevitable to release a demo or game without bugs or glitches so here's what I've noticed and had reported just to let you all be aware!

(Shadow Seeker DEMO V 1.0)

- Finding the Basement Key before using the Antique Key is a bug. You can find yourself overwhelmed with no inventory space if you loot this item early in the game, if you find it, simply avoid looting it for now.

- The Car graphic in the intro can switch locations if you open the menu without moving from your initial spot in the intro. Small little graphic bug, but noted nonetheless

- It's been reported that opening and closing the menu repeatedly in the Safe Rooms can trigger in the inability to open the menu. For a quick fix if this happens, just change maps.

- While using Adrenaline, switching maps quickly will cause your Stamina bar to disappear. For a quick fix on this, just toggle your Run off and on.

Thank you so much for the time and I apologize for any inconveniences these pesky little bugs have caused. Hope you still enjoy what the demo has to offer! :D


DEMO is now out! :D

Finally after a good while, I finally got something to show for this game it feels lol. Well, a demo is now out and I can't wait to see what you all think about this project :D

Have fun and thank you very much!<3

:DEMO Link:

Game Design

New Enemy Reveal! Weaver

You have probably seen the first enemy revealed in the game which is the Remnant.
Now this is the second enemy out of many that you'll encounter in Shadow Seeker.

This is the Weaver, a spider that excels with its webs. It'll shoot web balls to try and
snare you in its web to go in for the kill. It also has different movement and attack
patterns than the former enemy and as well as a Lunge and Run.

The web ball projectiles themselves can be shot to splatter them or knifed with precise
timing to counter it.

Game Design

First 15 Minutes of Gameplay!

This is just a teaser of the game pretty much, to give you all an idea of how it's all going
to play out. What I'm showing here is pretty much a bit of the beginning portion of the game
just to give you all a taste of what's been going down :)

Game Design

Interactive Environment

Here's one example of interacting with your environment. For example, once you obtain the
Crowbar, besides using it as a melee weapon, you can use it outside of combat to open
jammed doors, vents, etc.

Other items like the Knife and Lighter will have similar uses.
There will be many secrets and optional passageways to take!

Game Design

Crouch Dodge Mechanic

Shadow Seeker Crouch Dodge Mechanic

Crouching has a whole lot of uses in this game besides its original purpose.
It can be used to explore small openings, go under tables and other objects, create less
noise from terrain and objects to avoid enemy detection!

This intended feature is to give it some combat functionality! You can Crouch Dodge at just
the right timing to avoid most of the enemy attacks in the game.

Other attacks like projectiles can be countered by your Knife Swipe ala Resident Evil 4
which I will showcase at a later time :)
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