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Game Design

New Enemy Reveal! Weaver

You have probably seen the first enemy revealed in the game which is the Remnant.
Now this is the second enemy out of many that you'll encounter in Shadow Seeker.

This is the Weaver, a spider that excels with its webs. It'll shoot web balls to try and
snare you in its web to go in for the kill. It also has different movement and attack
patterns than the former enemy and as well as a Lunge and Run.

The web ball projectiles themselves can be shot to splatter them or knifed with precise
timing to counter it.

Game Design

First 15 Minutes of Gameplay!

This is just a teaser of the game pretty much, to give you all an idea of how it's all going
to play out. What I'm showing here is pretty much a bit of the beginning portion of the game
just to give you all a taste of what's been going down :)

Game Design

Interactive Environment

Here's one example of interacting with your environment. For example, once you obtain the
Crowbar, besides using it as a melee weapon, you can use it outside of combat to open
jammed doors, vents, etc.

Other items like the Knife and Lighter will have similar uses.
There will be many secrets and optional passageways to take!

Game Design

Crouch Dodge Mechanic

Shadow Seeker Crouch Dodge Mechanic

Crouching has a whole lot of uses in this game besides its original purpose.
It can be used to explore small openings, go under tables and other objects, create less
noise from terrain and objects to avoid enemy detection!

This intended feature is to give it some combat functionality! You can Crouch Dodge at just
the right timing to avoid most of the enemy attacks in the game.

Other attacks like projectiles can be countered by your Knife Swipe ala Resident Evil 4
which I will showcase at a later time :)

Game Design

Inside the Mansion preview

Just showing a little preview or test of multi-layered picture testing for some atmosphere here :)

Game Design

Looting Preview

Just showing what the looting will be like pretty much in game. There are 3 different things
enemies and wooden barrels/crates can drop.

You can find Weapon Ammo, Healing Items, or Spirit Points to purchase Upgrades

The amount of ammo found varies, and can even be increased with a certain Upgrade

The amount of Spirit Points varies based on enemy type defeated

Game Design

Environmental Objects

In the game, you can come across other things to shoot or break besides enemies!
Mind your positioning of course! :) who knows, some objects might contain secrets!

Game Design

Safe Rooms and Upgrading

Here is a look at the Safe Rooms featured in the game, along with the Upgrading feature.
You can only select one Upgrade per Rank, so make your decisions carefully.

Spirits Points can be found off of enemies, hidden areas/secrets, and by defeating Bosses!

Game Design

CMS preview

Here is an in-depth look at the Custom Menu System for the game. You can use items, combine and manage them here. You also have access to read your Files and look up the Controls and Tips as well!

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