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Demo Known Issues/Bugs

It's inevitable to release a demo or game without bugs or glitches so here's what I've noticed and had reported just to let you all be aware!

(Shadow Seeker DEMO V 1.0)

- Finding the Basement Key before using the Antique Key is a bug. You can find yourself overwhelmed with no inventory space if you loot this item early in the game, if you find it, simply avoid looting it for now.

- The Car graphic in the intro can switch locations if you open the menu without moving from your initial spot in the intro. Small little graphic bug, but noted nonetheless

- It's been reported that opening and closing the menu repeatedly in the Safe Rooms can trigger in the inability to open the menu. For a quick fix if this happens, just change maps.

- While using Adrenaline, switching maps quickly will cause your Stamina bar to disappear. For a quick fix on this, just toggle your Run off and on.

Thank you so much for the time and I apologize for any inconveniences these pesky little bugs have caused. Hope you still enjoy what the demo has to offer! :D