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DEMO V 1.1 is out!

(Shadow Seeker DEMO V 1.1)

- Early Basement Key appearing has been corrected

- Fixed multiple instances in which you could get direction
locked when fighting The Shackled

- Fixed lighting issue in the Library

- Fixed a couple graphic bugs in the Basement

- Fixed multiple instances in which you can't open your Menu

- Fixed spider graphics in the Basement

- Fixed a graphic bug in the intro of the game

- Fixed some text consistency in the Upgrade menu

- Fixed a bug where you could still open your Menu upon dying

- Fixed a softlock bug when trying to use your Knife walking up or
down staircases

- Fixed a Stamina issue which caused freezing when opening the Menu

- Corrected some tile passability problems in the daughter's room

- Fixed a graphic bug when coming back to the Basement Safe Room
from the Upgrade menu

Sorry if it seems I'm spamming these blogs lol I just like to keep people up
to date on the game! ><


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Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
Yay :D gonna download it.

This time I'm gonna be careful not to pick stuff up unless I need it.
Great! Koopa, a little question for you, how many hours will it take to beat the final version?
It should feel pretty clean now overall, without some extra stuff as well!
Hopefully it goes well heh :D

Originally I wanted the game to run about 8-10 hours, but at the rate some people are playing, it looks like it's gonna be a bit longer. Even like 12-15 hours I might say!
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I'm tempted to get the demo, but I'd rather wait for the full game so that I don't die waiting because I enjoyed the demo too much.
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