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RPG Maker Cola Podcast and Misaos!


Hey guys, how's it going? Just wanted to say that I am humbled to be featured in this upcoming
RPG Maker Cola Podcast hosted by CashmereCat, along with my very talented fellow homies Blind
and Giznads.

I'd love to discuss anything about Shadow Seeker or even Lakria Legends if you all had any questions
to ask, whether it's about the gameplay or combat, etc. Feel free to give me your input, we'd all love that! :)


I was legit blown away by this, but it seems like this years' awards, Shadow Seeker has been nominated in
two categories. I'm very thankful for those who nominated and to those who will vote for it!

Such a great amount of amazing games coming out from last year, and I'm sure they're only going to get better!

Shadow Seeker was nominated for Most Promising Demo, and the How The Hell Did They Do That? award,
if you'd like to please help support! Or just use this link to cast your votes. Thank you all for your support, time,
and patience. Much love to you all! <33 :)

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