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Here's one example of interacting with your environment. For example, once you obtain the
Crowbar, besides using it as a melee weapon, you can use it outside of combat to open
jammed doors, vents, etc.

Other items like the Knife and Lighter will have similar uses.
There will be many secrets and optional passageways to take!


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Looks fuggin killer. Like that roll mechanic!
Looks fuggin killer. Like that roll mechanic!

Thanks man! I've grown pretty fond of that mechanic lol, strong mobility but a great punish if overused. I got so much more coming soon man, can't wait to churn out a little demo this year
Hell yeah, keep us updated!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Wow, an rpg maker horror game where items can actually be used for their purpose, and more than once at that. Awesome.
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