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We spirits are curious things, Zero. When we all lived on Soma, each of us represented something. And I hope you can figure out what you represent, too. Guess you can figure that out while you're off putting the whole thing back together.

Set 100 years after the true ending of Soma Spirits, Soma Union aims to be a short, 3-5 hour RPG that returns to the world of Soma! ...or so it was, if Soma had not been destroyed in a great calamity. As you roam through the cosmos to find the missing fragments of your homeworld, you'll meet a colorful cast of characters and make important choices about them that may not be as clear as they seem.

Look forward to the following features!

  • Role system that pits characters with the damage-dealing Power role and the enhancing Support role.
  • Change your characters' Roles at any time, even in battle!
  • Unleash powerful Spirit abilities regardless of your current role to turn the tide of battle!
  • Fully custom visuals. And a stellar soundtrack by SpecialAgentApe
  • Funny* jokes. The heehees and the hawhaws.

Zero is a spirit living aboard the starship Virtue. They are a shy and reluctant spirit who doesn't cause too much trouble around the ship and is usually seen doing odd jobs. Unlike the other spirits on the Virtue who all represent an emotion or an aspect, Zero is not quite sure what they are the spirit of. Given the right task, say putting Soma back together for instance, Zero might be inclined to discover that for themselves.

Reca is a spry and energetic acorn residing in the Garden Dome aboard the starship Virtue. Hoping to become the new protector of Soma's forests once it is restored, she is always seen working hard and taking charge around the ship. It might take a few good friends to keep her ambitions in check, though.

Lumen is the chief doctor and a valuable source of information aboard the Virtue, when he's in the mood to fit the job. Not quite satisfied with his life's path, Lumen might not always seem like the most pleasant person to talk to. It takes a fair amount of trust for him to open up, and perhaps there is more to him that he is willing to let on.

Soma Union is still quite early in development, so be sure to check out the blog for occasional updates! Please look forward to more information as it becomes available (basically whenever).

Scripts Used:

Himeworks Battle Sprite Auto-position
Himeworks Random Encounter Events
Himeworks Custom Page Conditions

Yanfly System Options
Yanfly Actor Commands
Yanfly Anti-Fail Message
Yanfly Skill restrict
Yanfly Skill Cost Manager
Yanfly Hide Skill
Yanfly Ace Core
Yanfly Instant Cast

Luna Engine v1.05 by Enterbrain
Enemy HP Bars by V.M of D.T

* Maybe

Latest Blog

Dev log #1 : Power and Support Roles

Hey folks of all kinds! Thank you all so much for your support and interest in Soma Union thus far. I'm hoping this sequel can be the best follow-up that I can possibly make it, and with it come a number of big changes compared to the first game.

Tonight, I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the biggest changes I'm aiming to make to the battle system. In the original Soma Spirits, the protagonists Heart and Soul traveled between the World of Joy and the World of Sorrow to achieve their goals. Depending on which of the two worlds you were currently in, one character would take a more proactive Power role, and the other would provide enhancements and healing with the Support role. Each character had a similar move set, but access to different elements and slightly different actions that they could take.

People seemed to really like the idea! And I think it helped give each character a unique sense of belonging in each of the two worlds. But when I looked back at how Soma Spirits handled it, there were a few things about it that I looked back on and wanted to improve.

The first aspect of this was that the choice of Power and Support was more or less forced on the player and was completely location-dependent. One character would always be Power, and the other would always be Support and you were never exactly given a choice as to who would take which role.

Soma Union, however, does not feature a two world mechanic like its predecessor, so that also means that roles are no longer location-locked. This time you will have the ability to freely choose which characters take what role. You can have any combination of Power and Support roles among the party. Roles can be changed from the menu and in battle, but changing a character's role in combat can only be done once every other turn.

Like the first game, characters will still have somewhat similar move sets, but with access to different elements, status ailments, etc. Now that you can change your roles in mid-battle, there will now be a greater variety of enemies with different weaknesses to exploit, rather than one half of the possible mechanics being in one world and the other half being in the other.

The second thing I wanted to improve was just how impactful each role was to the battle system. In Soma Spirits, Heart and Soul could also use the standard attack command among other skills regardless of what role they were currently using. This meant that Support wasn't quite as "supporting" as it could have been, and many battles could be easily solved just with regular commands and Spirit abilities.

Soma Union makes the Power and Support roles much stringent than they were before. There is no longer a regular Attack command, and physical attacks are now grouped into the Power skill set. This means that Support characters have far fewer means of dealing damage than they did before.

To compensate for this, Support abilities are now much more crucial to handling encounters, and Power characters benefit greatly from having Support skills used on them, no longer granting them the clear advantage they once had. In many instances, the enhancements you can make to Power abilities may be crucial to a swift victory.

Spirit abilities, which charge over time and can be used regardless of role, will also be making a return. I have not done much in way of balancing these yet, but I have a few ideas to tweak these as well.

So there's the basic premise of Soma Union's battle system! Let me know what you all think of these changes and look forward to more dev logs in the future!
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Instant sub! Can’t wait to see this in action!
You're magical to me.
Instant sub number two! :DDD This looks so awesome! ^_^
The all around prick
Subbed. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!
this is super cool! sgt m strikes again
Besr Richard Slayer
FIRST! (in spirit)

Shutupandtakemymoney gif

Look super forward to this! Not much to say other than I will play this.
Make this in Game Maker so I can play it on my damn Switch. >=(
Besr Richard Slayer
Make this in Game Maker so I can play it on my damn Switch. >=(

Figure out an easy transition to that and I'll be game
Make this in Game Maker so I can play it on my damn Switch. >=(
Figure out an easy transition to that and I'll be game

I was thinking if I can can get the key skeleton parts of an RPG working in GMS I would happily share those files around for people wanting to make the jump over so they can build off it.
Subbed, and checked all the screenshot.

Soma Union is looking great! : )
Gosh darn if you dont make the most charming stuff, sgt!!
pre-ordered already
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