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We spirits are curious things, Zero. We all have a purpose to fulfill, and each of us represents something. And I hope you can figure out what you represent, too. Guess you can figure that out while you're off putting the whole thing back together.

Set 100 years after the true ending of Soma Spirits, Soma Union aims to be a short, 3-5 hour RPG of some undetermined length that returns to the world of Soma! ...or so it would, if Soma had not been destroyed in a great calamity. As you roam through the cosmos to find the missing fragments of your homeworld, you'll meet a colorful cast of characters and make important choices that may not be as clear as they seem.

Look forward to the following features!

  • Embark on a galaxy-spanning quest to put Soma back together again, because this planet can't seem to catch a break, apparently.
  • Role system that pits characters with the damage-dealing Power role and the enhancing Support role.
  • Change your characters' Roles at any time, even in battle!
  • Unleash powerful Spirit abilities regardless of your current role to turn the tide of battle!
  • Collect valuable Power Gems to skip random encounters with the push of a button... or tough it out and exchange them for rare prizes!
  • Fully custom visuals. And a stellar soundtrack by SpecialAgentApe
  • Funny* jokes. The heehees and the hawhaws.

Zero is a spirit living aboard the starship Virtue. They are a shy and reluctant spirit who doesn't cause too much trouble around the ship and is usually seen doing odd jobs. Unlike the other spirits on the Virtue who all represent an emotion or an aspect, Zero is not quite sure what they are the spirit of. Given the right task, say putting Soma back together for instance, Zero might be inclined to discover that for themself.

Reca is a spry and energetic acorn residing in the Garden Dome aboard the starship Virtue. Hoping to become the new protector of Soma's forests once it is restored, she is always seen working hard and taking charge around the ship. It might take a few good friends to keep her ambitions in check, though.

Lumen is the chief doctor and a valuable source of information aboard the Virtue, when he's in the mood to fit the job. Not quite satisfied with his life's path, Lumen might not always seem like the most pleasant person to talk to. It takes a fair amount of trust for him to open up, and perhaps there is more to him than he is willing to let on.

Soma Union has been in development since July 2019 and is now in the middle stages of content development. Please look forward to more updates as they become available and check this page's blog for progress reports and other content!

Scripts Used (subject to change):

Himeworks Battle Sprite Auto-position
Himeworks Random Encounter Events
Himeworks Custom Page Conditions
Himeworks Skip Battlelog
Himeworks Long Choices
Himeworks Permanent States

by Tsukihime

Yanfly Engine Ace - System Options v1.00
Yanfly Engine Ace - Battle Command List v1.09b
Yanfly Engine Ace - Anti-Fail Message v1.00
Yanfly Engine Ace - Skill Restrictions v1.02
Yanfly Engine Ace - Skill Cost Manager v1.03
Yanfly Engine Ace - State Animations v1.01
Yanfly Engine Ace - Hide Menu Skills v1.01
Yanfly Engine Ace - Move Restrict Region v1.03
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine v1.09
Yanfly Engine Ace - Instant Cast v1.03
Yanfly Engine Ace - Stop All Movement v1.00
Yanfly Engine Ace - Cast Animations v1.00
Yanfly Engine Ace - No Encounter Region v1.00

by Yanfly

by Joke (biloumaster)

Fullscreen++ v2.2 for VX and VXace
by Zeus81

Luna Engine v1.05
by Enterbrain

Basic Enemy HP Bars v 2.9
by V.M of D.T

Craze's Script Asylum - Elemental Merger v1.01
by Craze

Undefeated Hidden Enemies Visual Fix v1.1
by DerTraveler

Miscellaneous Additions and Scriptlets

* Maybe

Latest Blog

Dev Log #10: Closing out 2020!

I bet most of us are ready to put 2020 behind us, but I figured I'd give one last update before the year draws to a close. So here is the December update a couple of days early!

Development Outline

I'm pretty much at the point where I can clearly outline just exactly what is left to do. Content development stands somewhere around 60% finished, and the overall project is roughly 70% completed. I've also managed to wrangle in the Progress Chart and get it cleaned up, as you can see above! Keep in mind that development will not be 100% finished once this chart is filled in, and there will be a thorough round of playtesting, balancing, cleanup, and other things that will need to be done before the game is released.

What has been done:

  • The entirety of Chapters 1 and 2 and their respective interludes are finished.

  • Every non-boss enemy sprite in the game has been made.

  • The Star Chart (skill tree) has been completed.

  • 95% of the story is now set in stone.

  • Mini-games! There are three of these and they have all been implemented.

  • The party’s entire skill repertoire is more or less finalized.

  • About 75% of the OST by Agent Ape is completed! He has done a lot of great tracks for this project, so please look forward to them.

What’s done on the current section of development:

  • All of the tiles, maps, and puzzles for Areas 6 and 7 are completed and playable.

  • Non-boss battles for Areas 6 and 7 are designed and implemented, sans balancing and adjustments.

  • 80% of the face and character graphics for characters that appear in Areas 6 and 7 have been made.

  • About 10% of the story scenes for these areas are implemented.

What hasn't been done:

  • Pretty much everything after Area 7.

  • More battle animations. A number of skills currently share the same animations.

  • Somewhere around 20 boss and event enemy sprites need to be made.

  • A lot of balance adjustments.

  • Tiles and maps for some of the early areas, such as Areas 2 and 3 as well as the Starship Virtue, could use some touching up.

  • Some of the early art assets, particularly in the UI, could use some updating. The graphics used in the UI are among the earliest assets made for the game. Art updates that aren’t strictly map or tile-based will be made towards the end of the project to avoid doing this more than once.

  • Some story details, such as pacing some of the events that happen later on, need some ironing out.

  • Implement a Story Reminder tool, similar to the Remind Me Gem in Crescent Prism.
    Two bonus boss battles are planned! These will need designing.

So when will the game be done?

Truthfully, I'm still not at the point where I can put an exact release date on it and that's not something I'm looking to do until much later. However, I seriously doubt that will take me another year to complete what is left. My soft goal is sometime in the second half of 2021 but that will depend on a number of external factors. For example, my time to work on game of projects tends to fluctuate especially this past year during the pandemic, so it could be later... or even sooner! But I make no promises for either and the game will be done when it's done.

This has been by far the longest I have worked on a single project, but thank you all for sticking with us throughout it! Here's to a great 2021!
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  • 10/05/2019 01:58 AM
  • 11/30/2020 03:27 AM
  • 12/31/2021
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Instant sub! Can’t wait to see this in action!
You're magical to me.
Instant sub number two! :DDD This looks so awesome! ^_^
The all around prick
Subbed. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!
this is super cool! sgt m strikes again
Besr Richard Slayer
FIRST! (in spirit)

Shutupandtakemymoney gif

Look super forward to this! Not much to say other than I will play this.
Make this in Game Maker so I can play it on my damn Switch. >=(
Besr Richard Slayer
Make this in Game Maker so I can play it on my damn Switch. >=(

Figure out an easy transition to that and I'll be game
Make this in Game Maker so I can play it on my damn Switch. >=(
Figure out an easy transition to that and I'll be game

I was thinking if I can can get the key skeleton parts of an RPG working in GMS I would happily share those files around for people wanting to make the jump over so they can build off it.
Subbed, and checked all the screenshot.

Soma Union is looking great! : )
toiling away in the makerscore mines
Gosh darn if you dont make the most charming stuff, sgt!!
pre-ordered already
I'm reporting this to Kentona. There's no need for spirits to unionize at our site.

I haven't noticed this before. Def on board for hawhaws.
I love Soma Spirits Rebalance! I bought the game on Steam years ago, and I still enjoy playing it. I'm so happy you're making a sequel, I played the Demo and I already love it! Great job, I really look forward to the full game!
I love Soma Spirits Rebalance! I bought the game on Steam years ago, and I still enjoy playing it. I'm so happy you're making a sequel, I played the Demo and I already love it! Great job, I really look forward to the full game!

Awesome! Glad you liked the demo and are looking forward to the full release!

We're currently somewhere around 65-70% of the way through development, so keep an eye out for more updates!
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