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Soma Union v1.0.2 Update

  • Sgt M
  • 08/14/2021 09:41 PM
Hello all!

Soma Union has been updated to v1.0.2 to address some minor bugs. This update is optional if you have already downloaded the game, but you can safely move save files over to the new version.

Changes in v1.0.2:

- Fixed a bug where winning the Level 10 Figurine in the training room would also award the Level 20 Figurine.
- Fixed a monster in Chapter 3 displaying the wrong weaknesses when scanned with Inspect.
- Fixed the description of the Reality Ender weapon.
- Updated the descriptions for several skills to make them more consistent.
- Minor spelling fixes.
- Fixed some mapping issues in Cobalt Castle.

Changes included in v1.0.1 (because I forgot to list them earlier):

- If you disable EXP/G gains in the System menu, they should no longer turn themselves back on after every battle.
- Fixed a visual error on one of the jump pads in Jubilee Jungle
- Fixed some HP Orbs that were restoring MP instead.
- Various text fixes.

Outstanding issues:

- Standing directly in front of a bubble vent in Ripple Railway may freeze you in place for a few seconds when the bubble comes out.
- Occasionally, characters will begin a battle with an SP number that has a decimal place (ex: "3.0" instead of "3'). This is a visual bug and usually happens when a character starts a battle with more than 0 SP. May be an issue with the Luna Engine plugin.