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A great, endless street lays before you. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the street. What awaits as its end? Horror or salvation? To discover its secrets the unnamed traveler must follow it... a eternally if must be...

Author Note: I was quite into RPG-Maker a few years back. Then I just stopped, because of issues in my private life. I simply forgot, that I even had the engine in my Steam-library. But just a few days ago I digged up a few games I made back then. All of them are originally in German. This one is the most complete, because it has artwork from a friend of mine. So I translated it and I am putting it up here. The main title can be translated to just: The Street.

It was inspired by Angel's Egg by Mamoru Oshii and if you, dear reader, know that movie, you can guess what will await you here. Silence and patience dominate this game. The puzzles and gameplay are minimalistic and my hope is that the story and setting will drive everything forward. I sometimes wonder if I maybe made the start too long, but I just can't bring myself to change it. Apologies if it is to much nothingness in the first minutes.

With that, all is said. I did my best with the translation and hope that there are only a few errors. For all who are interested, enjoy the journey.

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Seems to be an English Version of a German game. Why didn't you call it "The Street" or "The Road"?
I thought about it, but I cannot change the title-screen, because it is a drawn picture from Andre (he made everything by hand). So I went the route as Schuld.

I hope this is not a big issue.
I hope this is not a big issue.

No, it's not. :)
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