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This street is pretty long.

Die Straße, or 'The Street' is a short game about walking down a long street, as shown below.

This is a Very Long street, so you will be doing ALOT of walking.

So you walk down this desolate road (running is permanently disabled). That's one of my issues with this game. I know it's to make the player feel alone and empty but given how far you have to walk, it takes a long time to even get to the point where the plot starts to take shape.

Ah finally a change of scenery. Wait a minute...

There are a few puzzles littered throughout the game, so you're not ONLY reading and jaywalking. But because running is permanently disabled, it takes a while to do some of the puzzles since you have to walk a fair distance to find key interactables. Eventually, though, you find your way to where the actual plot begins and it was kinda interesting but easily predictable.

Well COMRADE you need to stop reading MY e-mails.

The translation job is good enough for me to understand the plot. But as you can see it's not perfect and there are some areas left untranslated. Notably, a key CG scene and the maintenance panel to the right of the computer, both of which are fairly important, were not translated. Various typos and grammatical mishaps also appear from time to time. There are also some minor glitches such as the control panel you see on the wall in the picture above, which I can walk through and access the ceiling. But, it's good that there wasn't anything game-breaking.

Long story short, there is a plot, but you have to walk on a street for a long way to get to it. It also didn't seem like the street relates to the main plot in any way. Honestly, I would just treat it as a visual novel type of game, so if you're looking for a short story and don't mind the slow beginning, this would fit the bill.


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Thank you for the review!

I will fix the metioned issues in the next few days and over time reread it all again.

If I would remake it someday in the future, I would make the street shorter.

Again, thank you! It brightend up my day.

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