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Moved to Godot Engine

The MV version of the project has been cancelled, production has moved to the Godot Engine.

There is a first tech-demo with the bullet-hell minigame out.

This minigame is no longer placed in space,
and quite some things about the setting have changed in the meantime.

The plan is to release tech-demos of all important features one after another.
If something doesn't work, it will be changed or cut.
None of the current features are set in stone.

Progress Report

Slayin' some Slimes

Got some basic battle mechanics done:

Though to be honest, this took like 3 times as long as I expected.
Hope I'll be able to get back to giving a progress report at least every other month, if RL and other stuff permits.


Back in buisness (and possible engine change)

It's been a year since the last update and I only finished 1 side project and got another started with MZ that got switched to Hiatus recently.

It is no secret that I was never fully satisfied with the battle systems mix of classic RPG and Guild Wars 1 mechanics. The latest side project was yet another failed attempt to somehow fuse the styles.

So yeah, at this point it didn't really make much sense to continue on in this same vein. I don't see this working out in RPGmaker for me. Yeah, should have had that realization years ago, but better late then never. I am gonna miss the XP graphics and other purchased assets, but hey, there is still the good old 2k age Refmap.

Right now I am playing around with Unity, I finished Basic Movements and some of the related UIs. Here is what I have so far:

Progress Report

Battle System Basics

Basics of the Battle System are done, this includes:
Movement, single target & aoe damage and healing.

Everything still WIP, but don't expect that many changes for now.
The computation of damage and skill (side) effects has not been implemented yet.
Working at a slow pace right now, hope to get more done in april, just wanted to break the radio silence until then.

Progress Report

Character & Group Builds

Finished the menu for loading and saving character and group builds.

I'll focus on getting the battle system up and running next.

Though things will slow down considerably due to RL for the next quarter of the year, so there will probably be only monthly updates at best.

Progress Report

Skills and Equipment

Skill and Equipment selection for the menu is done.

Now mainly working on character and group build saving and loading.
Still working on the battle system on the side.

Progress Report

Attributes and Affinities

Currently working on the status menu and character build templates to get things ready for the battle system and make its testing easier.

Just finished character attributes and affinities.

Spending affinity points permanently increases attack and defence against a specific type and are earned through battles. The costs of increasing type affinity varies from character to character, depending on their inherent talent.
(Types are the same as in Pkmn)

Every character has a fixed total of 99 Attribute points.
They can be set and reset at any time outside of battle.

There are 12 Attributes in total:
"Specialization", "Invocation", "Conjuration", "Destruction", "Deterioration", "Domination", "Interruption", "Nullification", "Transmutation", "Restoration", "Augmentation", and "Protection".

Each one increases the power of related skills, e.g. Destruction for skill that damage the enemy directly, Restoration for healing skills etc.
(These are mainly inspired by GW1 & HxH)

Progress Report

Barn plugin done

The barn is up and running:

(Except for some minor placeholders that need other features to be implemented)

Don't think I'll have a demo by the end of the year, as crafting isn't done yet and the progress on the battle system is slower than expected.
(Had to redo some of the interface implementation due to poor performance caused by bad code due to too little experience with js)

There will be a tech-demo as soon as those two features are in a reasonable state.

Progress Report

Greenhouse plugin done

The plugin for the greenhouse is up and running, I still need to draw a lot of sprites for additional plants, but adding new plants to the database is just a matter of minutes.

Next up is the barn.


Main Character Portraits done

pbjelly246 has finished the higher resolution character portraits for the main cast. Big thanks to her. If you like the style, be sure to check out her games.

This Gamepage's Character section and header have been updated to reflect the change.

Expect a Progress Report and video on the finished version of the greenhouse by the end of this week. (or maybe next if too many bugs show up ;P)
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