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Battlesystem. WIP.
  • Lihinel
  • Added: 10/07/2019 03:59 PM
  • Last updated: 03/29/2023 05:09 PM


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Love the artwork, but is this a front or side view battle system?
Side view and the enemy battlersprite was made by Thalzon, not me.

It's a semi realtime battle system and you need a full overview over the status of all hero and enemy characters at all time to play it efficiently. Thats why it looks like a hybrid.

Mp regenerate throughout the battle. (hp as well if you are under a regeneration skill effect)
Every character can have up to 8 skills, the activation of a skill takes time, so you can use other skills to interrupt.
The skill you are currently executing is marked as "A", skills you select while already casting go into a queue and are marked "B"-"H". Skills currently in recharge display the remaining recharge duration time.

I could go on, but I'd rather put up a longer video once the basics are done. (Which will take a while, right now only the camera movement and interface are done, the damage and skill effect calculation methods still need to be implemented and my recent focus is on getting the greenhouse up and running.)
Greenhouse has more priority than battle.

Food/Sustain > War/Conflict.

Wise philosophy.
It's a bit more pragmatic.

The greenhouse/barn was the last thing that got a makeover in the VXAce version, so I have pretty fresh memories of what I want to do in the same way in MV and what needs improvement.

The battle system on the other hand needs a bit more time to refine the design.
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