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Note: This game has been made irrelevant by the existence of the remaster Crypt Challenge EX. If you want to experience this game, please play Crypt Challenge EX instead. The game can be found on my user page. Thank you.

3 Years after the hero Koros defeated the demon known as Baetylus, Koros now lives as a mercenary for hire in the barren wastes of Morda Vael. Currently, Koros is on a mission to purge a nearby crypt of a diabolical Lich. This "Almighty Lich" plans to raise a zombie army to conquer the world, and Koros needs to stop this plot. With a 100 million Bux reward, what could possibly go wrong? A lot actually, as this challenge, this CRYPT CHALLENGE would be a lot harder then excepted, rivaling even Koros's fight with the arbiter of the crimson meteor himself...



A young adult who is normally calm and reserved, but is very talkative around people he trusts. 3 years ago, he journeyed alongside 3 friends in order to defeat the Black Blades, a diabolic cult who wanted to prevent a peaceful future where everyone is lazy. Led by their leader Trello, they were able to summon the destructive archon (powerful demon) known as Baetylus that destroyed the ancient dragon civilization of Arcadia 4000 years ago. Koros and his friends were only able to seal Baetylus away by Koros's friend Tayo's sacrifice, using his own body as a seal. After Tayo's death, Koros left his friends to journey out on his own. He now works as a mercenary in the barren wastes of Morda Vael.


A mysterious girl Koros finds unconscious outside the crypt. Something seems off about the girl, but Koros keeps her around since she's a powerful dark mage and knows a lot about the enemies they are facing, the Fists of the Phantom. Plus, she's super hot, so that's something.

The Almighty Lich

A powerful necromancer who controls an army of ghosts known as the Fists of the Phantom. He is preparing an army of artificial zombies in order to take over the world. After many years and many unfinished immortality spells, the wizard he once was is now reduced to merely a pile of bones and a cloak, kept together only be evil magicks.


A saleswoman who appears just about everywhere. They sell all sorts of useful goods, but where do they all come from and why do all of them have an obsession with money?

The Wraiths

The leaders of the Phantom Fists and the top commanders of the Lich's army. The red one is always hungry, the blue one is always sneaking, and the yellow one is a demonic abomination that should be burned in the fires of hell. Despite this, they all seem to know a bit more about Chili then they let on...

-A complex OTB battle system which is easy to learn but hard to master!
-Cutscenes and graphics with advanced effects!
-Amazing 8 Bit Music from Megaman X and Pokemon!
-4 Endings to find and enjoy!
-4 Bosses to find and defeat, plus two secret bosses!
-A non-linear dungeon layout, allowing you to fight any of the generals in any order or even go straight for the final boss!
-Various quality of life changes not found in most RPG Maker games!

I hope you enjoy my game!

Despite being a sequel and epilogue to a game that doesn't exist yet, Crypt Challenge requires no knowledge of any other Chronicles of Chronicles game. Version 1.0 will be finished and released by October 30th.

Latest Blog

A new version has been made available!

Just to let anyone know, a new improved version of this game is currently live on this site. Remastered using RPG Maker MZ, this new version, Crypt Challenge EX, contains improved graphics, sound, and dialogue, a brand-new ending, completely re-done balance, and a brand new battle system. For any people who have already played this game and newcomers alike, come check out the definitive version of Crypt Challenge DX, Crypt Challenge EX!
  • Completed
  • KrimsonKatt
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure RPG
  • 10/10/2019 12:50 AM
  • 05/29/2021 12:39 AM
  • 10/25/2019
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I just finished it and... I actually had fun with it! It's not without its flaws though.

Once I started the game, I was having a lot of problems with the first encounters, mostly because enemies can cast very devastating spells, to the point that if I encounter a group of 4 enemies I just have to pray to the RNG gods so they won't cast many spells. I was worried that the rest of the game would be crazy hard just like this, but once I got a second character and a few levels under my belt, things started to get easier and easier. The problems with the difficulty didn't stop there though, I would best describe the difficulty like some kind of rollercoaster, with very easy parts because you can kill enemies in one single hit, and then enemies that don't die that easily and start to counterattack... hard. It doesn't help that you can access three different areas, but some are harder than others (And the easier is the one that's the farthest from the entrance, with the harder being the closest one.)

Speaking of which, there's a very serious bug in the ice section of the dungeon. The fires blocking your path require a certain amount of Frozen Shards, right? The problem is that they require the EXACT amount. That means that if you were grinding and grab more than necessary, the fire won't let you pass. You can't sell the shards either, so you'll be unable to complete that section forever. I had to use cheats to get past this serious flaw.

Aside from that, there's not much else to talk about. The battles are quick and fast, which is a blessing because the game can get a little grindy. The skills are powerful and very spammable (This can be good or bad depending on how you want to balance the game) though I was only using the area of effect attacks for common enemies, and boosted attacks for the bosses. Speaking of which, you really need some kind of tutorial for that boosting mechanic, because I wasn't really sure how it worked and it wasn't until the first boss that I actually made good use of it.

Overall, the game was short and relatively fun. It's far from perfect and the issues can make it hard to recommend, but I enjoyed my playthrough of it.
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
Thanks for the info @El_WaKa! I'll make sure to add in a tutorial for the boosting, fix the frozen shard glitch, and give the player a few hints on which order to do the areas. The first area can be a bit tricky due to an unknown bug that raises the encounter rate quite a bit, so it's best to save often. The Phantom Ball spell can be devastating as Koros,(the MC) is weak to the dark element, but if you use the apples you get you should be fine unless you get ambushed by a lot of ghosts at once. I think I should leave the 4 ghost encounter to later in the game as well as those other changes. Anyways thanks for the feedback. Version 1.1 should be out either late tonight (Tuesday November 5th) or tomorrow. (Wednesday November 6th) Sorry I couldn't post this sooner. I was on vacation since we were out of school Monday and Tuesday and I didn't have wifi or data until yesterday and RMN doesn't work good on phones so I had to wait until I got home at 6:30 tonight to use my computer. Hope you understand and thanks for the feedback!

Edit: Okay, the update is now live. I (hopefully) fixed a lot of the issues you had with the game. Thanks again for playing my game!
Didnt get far. Took me about 10 tries to get to the top of the first map because the random encounters can kill me very quickly with 400 damage magic attacks, and they always go first. At the top the game froze from a missing file as soon as i talked to the first NPC.
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
Huh, that wasn't supposed to happen. For a couple days, I had the wrong version up as main (0.1) which was bugged. If so, and if that problem was (probably) fixed a couple updates later, you should try the latest version. (1.3) I'll see what I can do if the problem does indeed exist on the latest version and notify you if or when the 1.4 update releases. Thanks for the feedback!
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