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A new version has been made available!

Just to let anyone know, a new improved version of this game is currently live on this site. Remastered using RPG Maker MZ, this new version, Crypt Challenge EX, contains improved graphics, sound, and dialogue, a brand-new ending, completely re-done balance, and a brand new battle system. For any people who have already played this game and newcomers alike, come check out the definitive version of Crypt Challenge DX, Crypt Challenge EX!

Game Design

Crypt Challenge DX Ending Guide

Hello everyone! Today I will be doing a highly requested topic for this game. How to obtain every ending in Crypt Challenge DX! Here we go!

Ending A - Good Ending
Requirements: Defeat all three wraith generals and obtain the shards of Excalibur. Then return to the first map and have Anna (the shopkeeper) forge the shards into Excalibur. Once you have Excalibur equipped enter the throne room. Defeat the Lich to get your ending!

Ending B1 - The Lich War
Requirements: Enter the throne room after defeating the three wraith generals without equipping Excalibur. You will then be faced with a (nearly) unwinnible battle with "The Almighty Lich." Losing gives you ending B1.

Ending B2 - The Lich War Alter
Requirements: The same requirements as ending B1 but instead of defeating the Wraith Generals head to the throne room right away or before defeating all three Wraith Generals to get an alternate version of ending B1, Ending B2.

Ending C1 - Two Necromancers
Requirements: Defeat the three wraith generals but before entering the throne room use one of the Hades Fruits on Koros.

Ending C2 - Two Necromancers Alter
Requirements: Before defeating all three Wraith Generals, enter the Throne Room after using a Hades Fruit on Koros.

Ending D - Death Empress ( Soon to be added in version 2.0)
Requirements: On the path for ending A, during the fight with the Lich use a Hades Fruit.

Ending Z - The Lich's Final Form
Requirements: On the ending path for ending B, defeat the optional secret boss The Almighty Lich. Losing will give you ending B1/B2. (This is best done after level grinding to level 50+ and spamming holy waters.)

Hope this helped with anyone wanting to see all the endings! Bye!

Progress Report

Crypt Challenge DX Version 1.1.1 is out now!

Version 1.1.1 of Crypt Challenge DX is now out. This update was a bit smaller than the last one, but it still fixed a lot of the remaining problems people had with my game in the reviews.

-Removed fake loading screen in the opening.
-Added more gravestone easter eggs.
-Fixed a mapping error in the evil hallway that made it seem like there was a secret entrance.

Thank you for playing my game!

Progress Report

Version 1.1 is now out!

Hello everyone! Version 1.1 is now out for Crypt Challenge DX. I have fixed various issues people have had with the game due to the excellent (and not-so excellent) feedback some gave with the reviews this game got. Please take a look at all the things that were changed.


Various balance changes including:
-Lowering the encounter rate
-Changing weaknesses to be less drastic
-Made Chili's spells weaker

Various story changes including:
-Removing Chili's amnesia and replacing it with a more believable reason for
her being there.
-Changed Chili's dark magick to ??? magick and making her magick less
-Changed various dialogue to remove some innuendos.
-Made Chili less horny in general.

Various glitches fixed including:
-Fixed Chili encounter cutscene so that there is only 1 activation point.
-To combat this, the rest of the area is blocked off with gravestones.
-Fixed Bloody Mary cutscene so that Chili's dialogue does not appear if she
is not in the party.
-Made the scrolling in the opening and ending much slower while also adding the
ability to fast forward the text.

Other various things such as:
-Added in new dialogue for some of the gravestones. Lore, memes, and tributes
-Added in new dialogue for the Fleshy Area for when you hit a switch, it will
actually tell you what happened in order to reduce backtracking.

Thank you for paying my game!


Please Review

Hello everyone. KrimsonKatt here. I think this game is ready to be reviewed. I only have 1 more update planned, and the game is pretty much complete. I'm pretty confident in what I made, so I would like to request that anyone who has played my game to please review it. It would really help me out. Thanks!


Crypt Challenge DX Version 1.0.1-1.0.4 is out NOW!!!

Hello everyone! KrimsonKatt here and I would like to announce that versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.4 of Crypt Challenge DX are now here! I didn't do an individual update for each one as each one is too small and I just released updates as soon as a bug was fixed or new dialogue was added in order to get the glitches fixed faster. Hope you don't mind! Anyways, here is what version 1.0.4 adds from version 1.0

-Fixed glitch in the ice area involving you to need to collect the EXACT amount of frozen shards. This caused you to be unable to continue if you collected more than needed. I fixed it so that it requires you collect a amount greater than or equal to the amount needed instead of an amount equal to the amount needed.

-Added new dialogue that hints on which order you should do the dungeons in as well as a tutorial for the battle system.

-Made it so that you can no longer encounter 4 ghosts at once as a random encounter in the starting area. This is because if all the ghosts use Phantom Ball it could lead to an unavoidable game over if you were unlucky enough.

-Changed music for when your inside the Crypt.

-Added new and improved title screen.

Edit: Fixed spelling errors, added new details, and clarified various things.


Crypt Challenge DX is out NOW!

Crypt Challenge DX is finally released! I am so happy right now. This is the first game I have ever completed on this site since Zero Gear Fighters! (And my first ever in a playable state!) I can't believe it's really been 4 whole years. Time really flies doesn't it? Anyways, I hope you enjoy the final version of my game. Please tell me if you enjoyed it. Don't forget to post a comment, make a review, or post a let's play on youtube. It really helps me out. Reporting any bugs or glitches you find to me via PM would also help so I can make this game glitch free! I hope you will enjoy Crypt Challenge DX!

Progress Report

Version 0.2 out now!

Hello everyone! KrimsonKatt here and I have some exciting news! Version 0.2 Crypt Challenge is now complete! The game is nearing completion, and it seems like the game will definitely make it's October 30th deadline for the Release the Dead event. Here are some of the features the new update adds:
-7 new areas
-9 new cutscenes
-3 new enemies
-3 new bosses
-a secret boss
-2 new items
-6 new skills (all enemy exclusive)
-3 different themed areas for each of the bosses. Can be fought out of order and each has their own special gimmick!

Hope you enjoy this latest version of Crypt Challenge DX!
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