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Crypt Challenge DX Version 1.0.1-1.0.4 is out NOW!!!

Hello everyone! KrimsonKatt here and I would like to announce that versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.4 of Crypt Challenge DX are now here! I didn't do an individual update for each one as each one is too small and I just released updates as soon as a bug was fixed or new dialogue was added in order to get the glitches fixed faster. Hope you don't mind! Anyways, here is what version 1.0.4 adds from version 1.0

-Fixed glitch in the ice area involving you to need to collect the EXACT amount of frozen shards. This caused you to be unable to continue if you collected more than needed. I fixed it so that it requires you collect a amount greater than or equal to the amount needed instead of an amount equal to the amount needed.

-Added new dialogue that hints on which order you should do the dungeons in as well as a tutorial for the battle system.

-Made it so that you can no longer encounter 4 ghosts at once as a random encounter in the starting area. This is because if all the ghosts use Phantom Ball it could lead to an unavoidable game over if you were unlucky enough.

-Changed music for when your inside the Crypt.

-Added new and improved title screen.

Edit: Fixed spelling errors, added new details, and clarified various things.


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Wait a second, now there's a v1.3 version. What's the difference?
The K is for Knowledge, because I'm smarter than all you suckers.
All 1.3 does is add in new dialogue explaining how the battle system works. Nothing too major. :)
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