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Please visit Hell Gates on patreon.com

Hell Gates and Hell Gates 2 are both available for free via download. Forever. No strings attached. No DLC or whatever the big companies can cook up.

If you had fun with Hell Gates and want to support this game series in general, it is possible to do so on the Hell Gates 2 patreon page. If you don´t know what patreon is, here is a brief explanation: it is a platform where all kind of creative content creators gather and present their work. People who like their work, can decide to support their favorite artists and become a patron of their work (1$ or more, it is entirely up to you).

Since the Hell Gates games are for free, there is not much that I can offer you as a reward if you become a patron. So I came up with this idea: every patron gets access to my private download archive where the latest work-in-progress version of the Hell Gates 2 translation is available. Don´t worry, saves are fully compatible between version updates and the versions are always fully playable (minus the incomplete translation).

If you don´t want to spend money, that´s entirely fine. You can still see the latest progress reports on the Hell Gates patreon page even as a non-patron.