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Overcome the chasm ordained by divine fate!
Charon - Zhetan Chronicles is a 2D Fantasy RPG with pixel art visuals. An epic story with queer characters, strategic battles and handmade artworks awaits you!

Key Features:
  • Over 20 hours of playtime
  • Dramatic story with LGBTQIA+ characters and epic worldbuilding
  • An expansive world to explore full of treasures, dungeons and optional quests
  • Classic pixel art and handmade artworks
  • Strategic turn-based battles
  • An extensive system for skills and talents
  • Crafting for potions, crystals, abilities and more!


About the Game:

Two worlds, one fate
For aeons the Great Chasm has separated the World Above from the Underworld. While the people of the upper realm live in peace under the watchful eyes of the gods, the realms below the chasm are plagued by the wicked influence of the Dark One. Then, 80 years ago, he unleashed his legions to enslave humanity.

Only the gods' devoted knights seemed capable to withstand evil.

Make your way across the Land of the Gods!

Accompany knight Sai on his quest across the continent of Zhetan to put an end to a conspiracy of the enemy. Find new companions and face a variety of challenges. Take on fearsome monsters, powerful demons or devious villains... and find out what really is the root of all conflict.

Sai Malrek
(Knight of the Order of the Arkanians' Sword and Shield)

Raydir Anathar
(General of the Order and Sai's superior)

Mara Melakhor
(Daemon Huntress)

Zid Daedalus
(Scientist and inventor from the Technoids)

Reiko Octavia Katsura
(Mage and Vena in Training)


  • Version 1.0: TBD (on itch.io and STEAM)
  • Version 0.9.1: 21.12.2023 (on itch.io and STEAM)
  • Version 04.07.2023
  • Version 0.7.1: 12.08.2020
  • Version 0.7: 08.05.2020
  • Version 0.61a: 23.12.2019

Twitter: @FervorCraft
Support us on ko-fi: Support us with 1 coffee!
Discord: Join the FervorCraft Server

Latest Blog

Charon ZC: Chapter 1 + 2 (v0.9.1) RELEASE

Just in time for the Holiday Season, we have a new release: Chapter 1 + 2 (v0.9.1)!

You'll find an updated Story Demo on this page and for the full chapters 1 + 2, you can get them on itch.io: http://tinyurl.com/7rcdpj9

The Changelog:
VERSION 0.9.1:
  • See previous blog post
  • STORY:
  • Updated texts (dialogue, terms and lore) in German and English

    • New face graphics for Arkanians and Captain Alares

    • Updated Shop System and improved UI (also an easier option to seel your loot!)
    • New Dark Art for Mara in Burušeğamu Shrine
    • New Secret Skill for Mara in Bancou's Residential District

    • Content of the Story Demo is expanded! Now you can enter the town of Mikhail and a new Dungeon

  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • TheSchilderich
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 10/20/2019 08:24 AM
  • 12/21/2023 09:17 AM
  • 07/04/2023
  • 22489
  • 18
  • 86


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This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
There is a perfect play walkthrough written for the German Beta.

Schilderich has translated the actual demo content to English and might be publishing it here when you ask for it.

Or you have to wait until the beta moves to Steam itself and I can start adding the (German) guide there. Then the order will be a bit better than the ms word document I am currently using.
The English version will follow then.

Why perfect play?
More Stat increasing items thanks on focusing on a certain action skill for a certain character while ignoring some optional content until that action skill has its talent. (That has some more positive results)
More FP/AP for increasing aktion profiency thanks to Inn and a certain item management.

I don't want to spoil too much, so have as much fun as we have testing the game!
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