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Charon ZC: Chapter 1 + 2 (v0.9.1) RELEASE

Just in time for the Holiday Season, we have a new release: Chapter 1 + 2 (v0.9.1)!

You'll find an updated Story Demo on this page and for the full chapters 1 + 2, you can get them on itch.io: http://tinyurl.com/7rcdpj9

The Changelog:
VERSION 0.9.1:
  • See previous blog post
  • STORY:
  • Updated texts (dialogue, terms and lore) in German and English

    • New face graphics for Arkanians and Captain Alares

    • Updated Shop System and improved UI (also an easier option to seel your loot!)
    • New Dark Art for Mara in Burušeğamu Shrine
    • New Secret Skill for Mara in Bancou's Residential District

    • Content of the Story Demo is expanded! Now you can enter the town of Mikhail and a new Dungeon


NEW DEMO (v0.8.9.9b) RELEASE

Hi there!

We finally got an update for you all! The progress on Version 0.9 is going very good and its release is pretty close and that's why we decided to release a new Demo before the big release!

This Story Demo may not continue the plot from v0.61a, but it shows you the (nearly) final build of the first areas in the game, including story, graphics and gameplay. You will even be able to use your saved progress for v0.9 and 1.0.

All the changes in detail:

STORY (complete with v0.9):
  • Reworking of dialogues, scenes and lore texts
  • Prologue, Chapter 1.1 and 1.2
  • 18 Side Quests
  • 13 Mercenary Errands

AREAS (complete with v0.9):
  • 5 Villages, Towns or Cities
  • 5 Wild Lands
  • 5 Dungeons (obligatory and optional)
  • 5 Optional Locations

  • Updated artworks with the help of Phineas "Corviday" Klier and AbsoScribbles
  • Updated menu designs and user interfaces
  • Updated pixel art assets

  • Updated and added music tracks (e.g. YouFulca)

  • Changed the battle system from ATB (Time Bar filling up) to CTB (turn based similar to Final Fantasy X)
  • Updated Balancing
  • Update of status effects in battle: status effects ALWAYS hit their target, as long as it's not entirely immune. This resistance increases with each hit though; so you can probably poison most of the enemies, but only a few times during the same battle
  • Adding a talent system (passive abilities which can be learned from accessories and freely selected)
  • Updated system for questlog
  • Updated system for skills (learning and level up)

  • NPC, shops and quest target are marked
  • Unified marker for interactions with treasures, puzzles and secret passages
  • Unified special battle mechanics like breaking barriers or weakening enemies
  • Several quality of life changes to make combat more intuitive and dynamic
  • Information about treasures, relics and essences in areas is accessible from the world map

We hope that you're gonna have lots of fun with this demo! We'd appreciate some feedback and we will see us soon in version 0.9!

Team FervorCraft


Update (March 6th, 2020)

Hi there!
This is just a smaller update, mainly to fix a softlock hidden in the last one.
So if you had trouble with the update from february, you can download v0.61a anew and get the fixed version!

That being said, we were busy the last weeks to improve the game's battlesystem. Because the ATB bars always had some shortcoming to properly use strategy and planning, we decided to just replace the ATB system with a CTB one.

The videos above show the system in action (texts are in german, but I hope you can still tell what's happening).

With this CTB system, you can see the next couple turns and plan your current action accordingly one at a time.

Defensive actions raise the chance to get a turn sooner, while offensive action can make you slower for the next turn (mostly heavy attacks though).

This version of the battle system will be included in future releases. °^°
That is all for now, so stay tuned for more news in the next weeks and months!



Update (February 9th, 2020)

​Hi there!

We have a small update for you!
It's mostly gameplay-related (so sadly no new story yet), but if you haven't already checked out the current version of the game, you should give it a try!

  • Several spelling and translation errors were fixed, also some bugs and glitches

  • Character stats now have proper icons (this reflects in the Status and Equipment Menu):

  • These icons are also used in the Shop System to make comparisons of stats more intuitive:

  • There is also a quick info while scrolling through the item list:

  • Loot items are primarly for sale. So we made sure to add some information for the player to be reminded of it:

  • The ability "Weak Point" was changed to better reflect its purpose. Now it jus reveals one or more weaknesses of an enemy. We also updated the coding of that feature, so the weakness of the same type of enemy is automatically revealed in battle, without the need to actually hit them:

  • Because streamers had problems with the automatic fullscreen mode, we disabled that function, until we can implement a proper solution for higher resolutions. If you still want to play on fullscreen, just press "Alt" and "Enter" on your keyboard to switch to fullscreen and back from it:

And that's everything for now!
We will continue to work on further releases, so stay tuned. °^°

If you have any feedback, questions or error reports, please let us know.


Progress Report

Version 0.61a Progress (Nov. 25th, 2019)

Some small bits to illustrate some of the game's content:

The battles in Charon - Zhetan Chronicles are not simply won by spamming "attack", but you have to use the enemies' weaknesses against them. Which causes some interesting encounters in some instances like shown above!

Also, every hero has their own skillset which allows for interesting combinations. Here shown are Sword and Shield Stance, which can be used to devastate the enemy.

And well... this game also includes some odd references and cameos, it seems.

That's it for now!

The Schilderich
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