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Update (February 9th, 2020)

​Hi there!

We have a small update for you!
It's mostly gameplay-related (so sadly no new story yet), but if you haven't already checked out the current version of the game, you should give it a try!

  • Several spelling and translation errors were fixed, also some bugs and glitches

  • Character stats now have proper icons (this reflects in the Status and Equipment Menu):

  • These icons are also used in the Shop System to make comparisons of stats more intuitive:

  • There is also a quick info while scrolling through the item list:

  • Loot items are primarly for sale. So we made sure to add some information for the player to be reminded of it:

  • The ability "Weak Point" was changed to better reflect its purpose. Now it jus reveals one or more weaknesses of an enemy. We also updated the coding of that feature, so the weakness of the same type of enemy is automatically revealed in battle, without the need to actually hit them:

  • Because streamers had problems with the automatic fullscreen mode, we disabled that function, until we can implement a proper solution for higher resolutions. If you still want to play on fullscreen, just press "Alt" and "Enter" on your keyboard to switch to fullscreen and back from it:

And that's everything for now!
We will continue to work on further releases, so stay tuned. °^°

If you have any feedback, questions or error reports, please let us know.