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Hey there! Wanna be in the game? Sure you do, that's why you're here!
You're just visiting? W..well, stay and join the game either way!

Check out how to join the game below!

Min Requirement:
A vertical rectangle image/portrait. yup, that it.
Preferably around 500 width and 900 height. But any size with the power of resize tool will make it work!

Optional Requirement:
-Any Music material.(For the non-streamer version)
-Give me a skill name for your skill...name.

Precise Requirement(Copied from forum, highly optional):

-What do you want your skill to do, see "Current available skills".
-Base Stats and stats per lv up, see "Stats".

Current available skills:
-Note clear, clears the whole notes in the screen.
-Time Slow, slows the drop speed of notes.
-Damage, simple, efficient direct damage.
-Heal. Just, heal.
-Shield. Heal, but better?
-Critical, for a time duration, chance to crit damage.
-Leech, every damage you deal also heals you for a duration.

-BASE LV, HP, MP, Mp regen rate, MinDmg, MaxDmg
-How much Stats up PER LV.
Hopefully the pic below is pretty much self-explanatory.

Note: You don't need to precisely tell me 2348hp. You can just "Low hp high mana regen" or "Higher exp to lvup, high damage".