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Warning: This game contains furry! OwO

Play as Princess Miyumi, Sir Fargus and Milla as they delver through the forbidden dungeon where the evil necromancer, Rayner is hiding. Defeat all the monsters, get stronger equipment and defeat Rayner once it for all.

  • Game Mechanics:

1. Turn based battle with unique unleash attack each main characters
2. Power up your character's stats by using LP points.
3. Special and Unique equipments, can you find them all?

  • Characters:


Princess Miyumi Yamugi, the descendant of Yamugi family known with their talented priest or priestess. Wields a sword into battle, but relies heavily on magic to hit weaknesses and keep the party alive.

Sometimes infuses her sword with magic as she is about to strike the opponent, dealing extra damage based on her magic.


Sir. Fargus Winterpaw, the loyal first class knight of Fenrir Kingdom. Become Princess Miyumi's personal bodyguard. Loves treasures, womens, and days off under the sun. Brings out single target damaging skills that can do devastating damage, as well as a party defense buff.

Sometimes, when sun and moon energies align, a simple attack can become one that ignores half of the enemy's defense, and heals Fargus for half of the resulting damage.


Milla Mikaela, a trained markswoman and also Fargus' childhood friend. Most always shoot first, have several multi-target skills early and is the only fox around. Yeah.

Sometimes, her arrows can use the enemy's own strength against them...


Rayner, The evil necromancer who steals soul and blood to achieve the true power of Necromancy. Not someone to be friend with.

  • Credits

1. Avery
2. Hiddenone
3. KADOKAWA/Enterbrain
4. Wingless Seraph
6. Andy Chen
7. Yanfly
8. Fallen Angel Olivia
9. Galv
10. SumRndmDude
11. CasperGaming
12. RPG Maker Irina
13. Atreyoray
14. Karberus
15. JGreene
16. Rito

  • Special Thanks

1. HawkZombie
2. The Feathered Dead Discord Server
3. Yoshifull
4. ​TrueCynder for HawkZombie sprites and facesets
5. And of course...You!

Ps. This game is also a part of Hawktober 2019 Game Jam so consider play and vote once the voting period started, thank you :)

Latest Blog

101 Downloads Special Update is here!

Finally at last! The 100 Downloads Special Update is here! (Plus 1 as the bonus).

This update adds another mode and some tweaks for this game.

  • HawkZombie Mode! You can now play as the host of the Hawktober 2019, HawkZombie himself!

  • Guarding now recovers 20% MP instead of 5%.

  • Wild Dialouge Mode! Some dialouges will has mild languages that won't suitable for below 18+!

  • Fixed name box dialouge bug on Fargus during Library Cutscene.

  • Mimic has buffed up. (I hope)

To play HawkZombie mode just type "HawkZombie" in the game name input and "100Downloads" to enable Wild Dialouge Mode.

I hope you enjoy this update so far~.

- CloudzChow
  • Completed
  • CloudzChow
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure
  • 10/21/2019 02:19 PM
  • 12/14/2019 12:33 PM
  • 10/17/2019
  • 4347
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