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Legends of Perren: Mina’s Voyage

Current Version 0.16A + B + C update Demo--Please use the new version. It has the missing files and some other fixes. In addition to some new skills and new sounds. The new version is a split zip file, just have both in the same location and click extract on one of them and it'll work fine.--Adding a smol update pack tonight, fixes a missing portrait bug which got overlooked, also updates quest log to better direct player to Instructor Burk.(Ground Floor vs First Floor typology mixup)

About: LoP: Mina’s Voyage was my first real RM game I started working on. Originally in VXA, I ported it to MV and got halfway done with porting before deciding it would go unfinished. Way too much work, my skill level wasn’t enough to do what I wanted, couldn’t find the right plugins or scripts, etc. I decided to work on it for RPGMaker.net’s Revive the Dead event. It has been a lot of work, had to refine, fix, or complete most of the skills and states, as well as adjust a lot of enemies and switch the system back from an ATB style. In addition almost all the maps are remade, originals were the typical rm newbie large empty maps, and almost all the events needed refinement. Also the quest journal system was switched out to yanfly’s, etc etc. Basically a month of many hours a day. And of course it’s still not done, but maybe one day.

Description: Follow Mina, a young Adventurer of Perren as she works to become an experienced adventurer and hero of the people! Will she be able to survive in the harsh world, filled with magic and super science? Or will she get eaten by a devil squirrel and be merely a footnote in the Guild’s dossier?


Mina Tomeki: Our protagonist. Mina is a novice member of the Perren Adventurer’s Guild. Trains in the use of a SHELL, a type of personal power armor, and machineguns. She is also on the fast track for learning leadership training. Originally from Skagit to the northwest.

Abraham Liusci: One of the head members of the Perren Adventurer’s Guild. He has an impressive Quest Completion Record and is currently working on training younger members. Father figure of Mina. Makes a mean potato dish.

Cecilia Liusci: Daughter of Abraham, she doesn’t spend much time with him anymore. Not due to personal issues, but her job outside the Guild.

Ms. Sabrina Münch: A hesperian elven sorceress who is a of the Guild. Oversees magic using junior members. Has written several books on magic theory and a best selling romance novel.

The inexperienced pupil who is well meaning, but lacks confidence to excel at her job.

The experienced veteran who oversees quests of young adventurers. Prefers to be alone in the wilderness.

One who walks between worlds and is filled with hate.

One who walks the earth and seeks understanding.

A powerful ally/foe who is on a great quest, but damned by it.

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