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Made for the Release the Dead event. No RTP needed. Very short (unless you grind for best item in the game.)

WARNING! This game might be a little more than Mildly Scary. You have been warned.

Terence the wandering paladin comes across a generic village in the mountains. The village is quite peaceful, the locals are friendly, and the monsters in the area have long since been cleared out. So what could possibly happen?

Inspired by the horrors of modern game design, I took an old dumb game and subjected it to modern game design philosophy. Specifically, the one for modern Mobile games. It's not a joke game, but it can get quite ridiculous if you actually dig deep into it. Of course, the grinding part is completely optional, there should be enough supplies to get through the game.


*This game is #4 in the series of RMN event games I've made (excluding swap games.) To play the other games in the series, click this link.

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Still a dumb and shy doggo
But where is Zack's Mildy Scary Game 1?
Also congratz on finishing the event!
Just finished it and it was just... mildly scary? I'm not good at horror games so I can't really say anything on that front. It was nice for what it was, although I didn't expect math problems in a horror game! The digging minigame was kinda meh due to the time it takes to dig. It's a short time, yeah, but when you are digging around trying to find where the item is hidden it becomes annoying. I didn't have any luck with it either so I couldn't get enough money to buy the better items in the store, let alone save up for that iron chest, and I couldn't find a way to "reset" the minigame so I could get new items. Thankfully, it wasn't needed, as I had enough green herbs to finish the last part. Speaking of which, I didn't really like the reference to mental illness at the end, maybe you were trying to give a message about them but it just felt fake, like it was slapped there just because.

Overall, it was a nice and short game, and while I have my gripes with it, I would still recommend to give it a spin, the game is short enough that you can beat it in 15 mins too.
Hey, thanks for trying the game! The digging is entirely optional after the first item, and there is an endless number of items as a new one is generated after each find. It's very good that you're able to finish the game at least, I was kinda worried that the final part was too hard. Wasnt really trying to impart any morals or anything like that, but i was running dangerously close to the deadline towards the end so it might've gotten a bit unfiltered. Guess I'll remove it since there was another minor bug I needed to fix anyway. But yea, thanks for playing this mildly scarey game!

But where is Zack's Mildy Scary Game 1?
Maybe it will come out in 2025. Then again this is the fourth game in the series so maybe the next one will be Zack's Mildy Scary Game 5 instead. Heh heh
I played your game and it was enjoyable! I liked the characters and the mapping was good.
Only thing is maybe you could have changed the bgm when things were getting weird.
Hey, glad you enjoyed this super short game! As this is for released the dead it was expanded from an old leftover project where I tried to recreate some mack sample maps (which was actually harder than it looked). And yeah, I should really look into getting more music, RMN music pack is great but it doesn't cover all the bases.
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