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Two nations, Acre and Arondight, war with each other for decades before a truce is finally realized. Magic and technology exist together as people excavate from ruins left behind by the Celestials, an ancient and mythical race once thought to have ruled the planet from the heavens. Their powers are harnessed and re-fashioned by the people of these nations, but those who would abuse them for their own ends begin to appear. The underground criminal organization in Acre known as the Crimson Hands promotes its newest agent, Garrett, a man with great physical and mental aptitude. As events unfold, Garrett embarks on a quest to uncover his mysterious past and save the planet from impending doom.

This game pays homage to the old Final Fantasy games from the early to mid 1990's. The story is original but follows very similar plot beats and game mechanics. If you've ever played Final Fantasy 4, 5, or perhaps even 6, you should feel right at home here. Overall, this is a low to medium difficulty game using an ATB system with about 15-20 hours of content, depending on how much or how quickly you get through it. The game makes extensive use of plugins, mostly Yanfly Engine, and the standard RTP, with a few extra sprites, animations, and tilesets gathered from around the interwebs. A huge thanks to everyone who provided these assets.

Features include:

-Random battles which use an ATB system

-Earn JP to learn new skills and increase stats. Each character has a unique skillset and fulfills a certain role

-Energy is used to fuel special attacks, while some character spend MP to cast spells. Energy Modes allow you to change how a fighter gains Energy during battle

-A three row system is used to alter how characters battle, and they can change rows even during battle

-Build up the Limit gauge and use parts of it to unleash devastating Limit Breaks. The gauge is a party resource, so you must decide when and which Limit Breaks to use in a given situation

-All battle actions are fully animated with Yanfly's Action Sequences

-Linear story with a number of rewarding sidequests and powerful items to find

-Yanfly's Options Menu is included to tweak certain options, including window skins and fonts, as well as gamepad support

Latest Blog

Version 1.28 update

I have a released a small update for the game with a few bug fixes and balance changes:

-A walkthrough was added to the game folder to help you if you get stuck, or need to look up where something is

-Enemy skills and their properties were added to the compendium

-Cutscene bugs where the game could freeze have (hopefully) been fixed

-Enemy skills that inflict states that were certain hit attacks where changed to physical/magical attacks so that they can be evaded. The chance for these skills to inflict their states has been raised to compensate

-A couple of key items you can get in part I of the game are removed from the inventory if you never used them once you get to part II. This is so that your key item inventory isn't clogged with items that have no use and no way to get rid of

-A few balance changes to items, namely swords that grant magic bonuses now grants bigger magic bonuses, the Berserker actually drains your Energy fast enough to make it not completely broken, and the Prism Ring now correctly reduces ALL elemental damage taken (it was not working on gravity damage)

-A new relic has been added: the Lens of Truth. Just like in Zelda, it will show you hidden passages and walls that you can walk through while equipped. There is a small issue with it where if you equip or unequip it, it will immediately kick you out of the menu but this isn't game-breaking.

-A couple of scenes with specific music timing queues have been cleaned up by playing the music as ME instead of BGM, so that they actually end when the scene is over instead of replaying

-Rei's Radiance limit break now only grants 40 Energy instead of 100. This change was made because with Entrust being an instant skill, the limit cost of Radiance was effectively 1 instead of 2. To compensate, the invincibility duration was increased slightly
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  • Chazareth
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  • 10/31/2019 05:09 AM
  • 05/08/2020 11:30 PM
  • 10/30/2019
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Nice to see it here. I`ts one of my faovorite (epic) Rm games. Have yet to play it to the end, but a playtesting came in the way. So many games that it is hard to find the truly great one.
I seen several people on the forum have the same problem as me. The game shuts off and says not enough memory. My machine as with all the other peoples does not have a memory problem !! Something wrong with the game - you said you were going to try and fix it - did you ? I really want to play the game last time I saved after every battle (470) just so I could keep playing in case it shut down !! Please help !!
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