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Version 1.8 update

It's been a while. This version makes a few changes behind the scenes as well as a couple of big ones. Firstly, the Deep Wound skill is replaced with Blade Barrier. Lena's Quick limit break was quite buggy, so it has been replaced with Time Stop. The final biggest change is that rods now have a chance to cast spells when striking. This was the original idea with rods, but I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted due to technical limitations. Now, I finally have it working, though one minor caveat is that rod spellcasts do NOT work when counterattacking (if they did, the user's ATB gauge empties because of forced actions). Also, some maps have been updated and changed to be less boring.

Assuming no bugs or anything else wacky is going on here, this will likely be the last update for the forseeable future. I was thinking of maybe changing the AI for most enemies to alter some of their attack priorities so that they don't spam the same moves due to RNG, but that would take a surprising amount of work to do what I have in mind, so I think I'll shut up now. Thanks to everyone who played/is playing!


Version 1.6 update

Quite a few minor changes here, notably popups have been revamped so they look different and include information like when elements are resisted, immune, weakness, etc. The biggest change is an overhaul to one of the character's Limit Break mechanics, as well as a boss overhaul.


Version 1.51 update

Just a small update with minor map and events changes. Namely, the final fight is a little less buggy with the party switching mechanic (you retain your limit gauge when switching), and Lena's MP costs were adjusted slightly. She also learns Blind instead of Berserk.


Version 1.50 update

New update posted. Notable new changes (among others) include:

-Final boss redesigned completely, now you can switch between parties at any time and will need to do so to win. New images as well.
-The invisible state is gone. Garrett has new skills to compensate.
-The Mage Gauntlet is gone. Instead of dualcasting, the Overdriver simply lets you toggle Overdrive on or off which increases magic damage and MP costs by 100%.
-A new enemy is in the arena.
-All of the "ultimate" weapons now have a unique effect to make them more powerful. For instance, the Excalibur now grants a damage bonus based on current HP.

Also, I'd like to give a huge thanks to TheGameDawg for doing LP of Celestial Legacy.


Version 1.43 update

Just posted another update with a few tweaks and a fix for the problem of Barth being unable to use Mug, even when learned. The big change is that Garrett is no longer required to be in the party during the second half of the game! He will still lead the party and appear as the controllable actor in the field screen, but will not participate in battle if he is not actually in the battle party. Most other changes were made to help make things more obvious to the player, especially on certain side quests.


Version 1.40 update

This new update includes a number of new balance and mechanic changes, as well as a couple of new skills. Some other minor issues were fixed as well, including typos, damage formulas, and quality of life improvements.


Version 1.28 update

I have a released a small update for the game with a few bug fixes and balance changes:

-A walkthrough was added to the game folder to help you if you get stuck, or need to look up where something is

-Enemy skills and their properties were added to the compendium

-Cutscene bugs where the game could freeze have (hopefully) been fixed

-Enemy skills that inflict states that were certain hit attacks where changed to physical/magical attacks so that they can be evaded. The chance for these skills to inflict their states has been raised to compensate

-A couple of key items you can get in part I of the game are removed from the inventory if you never used them once you get to part II. This is so that your key item inventory isn't clogged with items that have no use and no way to get rid of

-A few balance changes to items, namely swords that grant magic bonuses now grants bigger magic bonuses, the Berserker actually drains your Energy fast enough to make it not completely broken, and the Prism Ring now correctly reduces ALL elemental damage taken (it was not working on gravity damage)

-A new relic has been added: the Lens of Truth. Just like in Zelda, it will show you hidden passages and walls that you can walk through while equipped. There is a small issue with it where if you equip or unequip it, it will immediately kick you out of the menu but this isn't game-breaking.

-A couple of scenes with specific music timing queues have been cleaned up by playing the music as ME instead of BGM, so that they actually end when the scene is over instead of replaying

-Rei's Radiance limit break now only grants 40 Energy instead of 100. This change was made because with Entrust being an instant skill, the limit cost of Radiance was effectively 1 instead of 2. To compensate, the invincibility duration was increased slightly


Version 1.25 update

A new version of the game has been released with various bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and balance/tuning changes. Thanks to everyone who has played and found bugs so that I can make improvements on the game!


Version 1.20 update

A new version of the game has been uploaded featuring a number of map and tuning changes, as well a fix that should hopefully reduce memory usage while running the game. This issue caused memory leaks which resulted in the game crashing, so pre-loading and caching game files such as images and music have been turned off. The game folder contains a Version History .txt which details all changes made.


Celestial Legacy Released

This game is my first attempt at a large-scale RPG Maker MV project, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. A huge thanks to everyone who played the game, especially those who playtested and found the bugs. The game was originally finished a few months ago but I've spent that time tweaking and polishing it as much as possible.

The game is also available from the download link in the RPG Maker forums in the thread for this game.
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