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Version 1.8 update

It's been a while. This version makes a few changes behind the scenes as well as a couple of big ones. Firstly, the Deep Wound skill is replaced with Blade Barrier. Lena's Quick limit break was quite buggy, so it has been replaced with Time Stop. The final biggest change is that rods now have a chance to cast spells when striking. This was the original idea with rods, but I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted due to technical limitations. Now, I finally have it working, though one minor caveat is that rod spellcasts do NOT work when counterattacking (if they did, the user's ATB gauge empties because of forced actions). Also, some maps have been updated and changed to be less boring.

Assuming no bugs or anything else wacky is going on here, this will likely be the last update for the forseeable future. I was thinking of maybe changing the AI for most enemies to alter some of their attack priorities so that they don't spam the same moves due to RNG, but that would take a surprising amount of work to do what I have in mind, so I think I'll shut up now. Thanks to everyone who played/is playing!