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Version 1.9 update

This update started small and ended up being much more involved than I originally intended. The biggest change is that dual-wielding and two-handing have been overhauled: dual-wielding is no longer tied to the use of a relic, so you're free to do so without it. The reason behind this change was to normalize dual-wield and two-hand. In the case of the latter, the choice to use a two-hand was about trading the defensive power of a shield for more damage. For dual-wielding, a relic slot had to be used in order to even have this choice. So only certain characters can dual-wield, but they do not need to give up a relic slot. The old Genji Glove and Titan Glove relics have been reworked to support this overhaul.

Otherwise, a few balance tweaks and adjustments were made. Notably, a few bosses have had AI adjustments so that they are a bit smarter. Also, a new area was added to help complete the Bestiary. All of the changes are documented in the Version History file inside the game folder.