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Lots of adventure in... Celestial Legacy!

Hello players!
It's not a surprise that many rpgmaker games were... rpgs! Well, the name says it all, and in particular jrpgs often inspired by classics like the Final Fantasy series. And today we're here to play one of these kind of games: Celestial Legacy! This is a complete game and also a really long one! Well, the page says it will took you 15-20 hours? To me it took even more, but well, if you like Final Fantasy and similar game you may be used to this committment, that I can say it's probably at the same time the best and worst aspect of this game.

Ok, now that I've warned you that this is a huge game, let's go on with the rest: this rpg was made by Chazareth with RPG Maker MV, and released in 2019. As written before it pays homage to the Final Fantasy series but the plot is 100% original.

I want that chest, but guess what? ICE! It's tile to slide in a classic sliding puzzle! (I like them!)

Two nations, Arondight and Acre were at war for decades, before a truce was finally made. In this world, where magic and technology cohexist, people are excavating the ruins of the Celestials, a mythical ancient race from the heavens that ruled the planet in the past. Their ancient powers are now used by the people of the world but some of them begin to abuse of this power. The setting is basically fantasy with some steampunk elements, expect villages, monsters (both mechanical and of the usual kind) and swordsmen, but also elevators, alarms and guns.

Our hero in this setting is Garrett, a new agent of the underground organization in Acre known as Crimson Hands. Garrett is a skilled man expert in stealth and subterfuge, a fighter who specializes in speed, capable of multiple strikes, debilitating poisons, and the ability to turn invisible. This skill will become useful when he'll be drawn into a struggle to save his world.

However, as you can probably expect, Garrett will be joined by a colorful cast of different characters that will become his party members: from Keiji the swordsman to Barth the pirate and Malus, a sort of warmage.

Battles! This game has lots of battles: steal from the enemies, hit them with special powers or... just shoot!

The game is... well do I really have to explain this? It's obviously a classic jrpg adventure game, even if I must say that there are some cool gimmicks that the developer implemented. For example? Well, as usual Energy (EN) is used to power special attacks, ok? Like in other games, yes, but this one has Energy Modes that allow you to change how a fighter gains Energy during battle!
There's also a three row system that's used to alter how characters battle, and they can change rows even during battle! Since this game is inspired by the Final Fantasy series you can also expect some good old classic special attacks, the devastating Limit Breaks (but here the gauge is shared among the party members so you get to choose who unleashes that special attack! And that's good since this means tah you can use strategy), you've already heard of them don't you?

Anyway there are also some aspects of the game I liked a bit less: the game uses the old classic random battles, and the dungeons are classic labyrinthine shallow locations, even if I must admit that they look different not only for the aestetic theme (rock, ice, hi-tech metal, darkness and so on) but also for different hazards that requires using levers and buttons to solving some sliding puzzles or other tasks that at least makes the experience more varied and interesting.

If we must, we must! Let's hope that this is a good idea! This part in fact requires using two different parties and switching between them!

Final Verdict
Celestial Legacy is a difficult game to rate, because it's pretty good for what it's expected to do, anyway there are some parts I did not like (such as the use of random encounters instead of visible enemies that can be avoided, the use of typical RPG Maker MV graphics and the always classic fantasy setting with steampunk elmements) even if these aren't exactly flaws: if you like Final Fantasy and long jrpg games you can consider a rating of 4/5, if you do not like them because you consider them too classic and outdated it's still 3/5, so I decided to set for a middle way.

So now you know what's Celestial Legacy and if you may like it or not, I guess! My idea is to give it a try, if you'll be interested by its story and characters you will surely play this to the end!