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About the Game:
Inspired by roguelikes and with a heavy focus on character customization, a cast of colorful creatures and beasts are waiting to be discovered, clothes waiting to be collected and tried on, and endless landscapes to explore.
  • Character customization: create a character that represents you. Choose from 7 colors and many different species of player, select your eye style, clothing, and accessories to make something that has your own personality. Eye graphics will change during cutscenes to reflect emotions, and the game will remember your outfit if it needs to flash back to the past.

  • Skill choices: Stats come from ranking up skills, so your character is built to your specifications. If you don't like how your character is built, you can reset your skills, but there may be a price...

  • Skill enhancement: Learn a new skill, or beef up the ones you have? You can build a character in many different ways, and your stats and abilities will reflect those choices.

  • Collection: Fill up your Creature Compendium with different beasts by recruiting them to your team, or try and get every kind of clothing... There's lots to find and a lot of colorful information about the creatures in this world! Here is a preview! There may also be other familiar faces from some other projects I've worked on as well.

  • Team choices: Ever thought about adopting a slime monster? Tame enemy creatures and make friends. They can't learn as many skills as you can, but they can rank them up to boost their stats just like you can. They try so hard for you!

  • Procedural Map Generation: Optional side missions that take place on procedurally-generated maps allow everyone to play at their own pace and have a different experience. The main story campaign will take place on a hand-crafted map, however. Here are some randomly-generated test maps!

  • Screen-Based Maps: Inspired by Zelda, the maps are split into screens. The camera scrolls when you go to the edge of the screen. This applies both to the randomized sub-maps and the main campaign map.

  • Roguelike Turn System: Enemies only move when you do. Watch your spacing! However, this system is in place everywhere. In towns, outdoors, in caves. There may be some puzzles to solve, pottery to break open, and items to be found. Battles take place entirely on the overworld, and if you're crafty enough, you could even just walk away without a fight.

  • Entirely custom graphics and music: I've put my heart in every track and a click in every pixel.

Meet Your Partner!
A shy fellow, this animal is well-meaning. A bit glum some days and unsure, but a pure heart. They don't seem to have many close friends, but maybe you can change that. They can be any species not chosen by the player for their own character. The storyline centers on your friendship with them.

Here is a preview of their musical theme!
About the World
Humans are nowhere in sight in this world. Taking the form of an animal when you enter this world, you assume the lead role, solve problems for the animal townsfolk, defeat monsters that have started to appear, and hunt for treasure. When some of the townsfolk begin to go missing, it's up to you to find out why. The emperor of the region puts out a call to action to solve the mystery and figure out what the entity responsible for these disappearances is.

From an everyday housecat, an emperor penguin, or even to fish-folk on animatronic bodies allowing them to live on land, a colorful cast of animal friends will help you along your way, filled with as many bad animal puns as I can fit into the script. Magic powers abound, the journey will take you through lush forests, through caves, and across the seas with nothing but your guts and balloon strapped to your back.
Previews of the soundtrack can be found here!
Customization Previews:
Here is a small assortment of the selectable species and a few eye styles! There are plenty more where these came from as well.

Why not try on some clothing?

You can learn skills and rank them up to improve them:

Latest Blog

Combat, Portraits, Drips, and Drabs

Battle Stuff:
Eating Food:
To keep UI clutter down, damage popups should convey all the information you
need quickly and efficiently, without interrupting battle flow too badly.

Critical Hits:
When you get a critical hit, your weapon will flash first and a sound will play!

Different Skills:
You can learn different skills to change the flow of battles.
Use this spinning attack and hit multiple enemies at once:

Furniture Collection
Collect furniture and build up your team base to be uniquely yours:

Hare-icature's Portrait Service
Hare-icature loves to paint! Have you ever had your portrait painted?
You can choose between 7 different frame colors and background colors, or even make a silly face to be painted.
He's quite good at capturing the "real you"!

He'll do a full-body portrait, but it's a lot pricier! But if you want him to paint a pretty picture of your fancy outfit, it's worth the cost!

If you want a customized decoration for your house, you'll know who to ask!


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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Had me at funny animals, and hooked me with in-depth character customization. I'mma keep an eye on this one, best of luck. <3
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