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Combat, Portraits, Drips, and Drabs

Battle Stuff:
Eating Food:
To keep UI clutter down, damage popups should convey all the information you
need quickly and efficiently, without interrupting battle flow too badly.

Critical Hits:
When you get a critical hit, your weapon will flash first and a sound will play!

Different Skills:
You can learn different skills to change the flow of battles.
Use this spinning attack and hit multiple enemies at once:

Furniture Collection
Collect furniture and build up your team base to be uniquely yours:

Hare-icature's Portrait Service
Hare-icature loves to paint! Have you ever had your portrait painted?
You can choose between 7 different frame colors and background colors, or even make a silly face to be painted.
He's quite good at capturing the "real you"!

He'll do a full-body portrait, but it's a lot pricier! But if you want him to paint a pretty picture of your fancy outfit, it's worth the cost!

If you want a customized decoration for your house, you'll know who to ask!


Want to play some carnival games?

(NPC outfits not final)

Let's go play some carnival games! You can save up points for prizes, like these adorable dolls!

There might be some cameo dolls from a few other RMN games too, so look forward to winning those!
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