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Combat, Portraits, Drips, and Drabs

Battle Stuff:
Eating Food:
To keep UI clutter down, damage popups should convey all the information you
need quickly and efficiently, without interrupting battle flow too badly.

Critical Hits:
When you get a critical hit, your weapon will flash first and a sound will play!

Different Skills:
You can learn different skills to change the flow of battles.
Use this spinning attack and hit multiple enemies at once:

Furniture Collection
Collect furniture and build up your team base to be uniquely yours:

Hare-icature's Portrait Service
Hare-icature loves to paint! Have you ever had your portrait painted?
You can choose between 7 different frame colors and background colors, or even make a silly face to be painted.
He's quite good at capturing the "real you"!

He'll do a full-body portrait, but it's a lot pricier! But if you want him to paint a pretty picture of your fancy outfit, it's worth the cost!

If you want a customized decoration for your house, you'll know who to ask!