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New Update 1.0.4

  • bussoli
  • 12/28/2019 01:24 AM
Updated Game!
1 - Limit Break system was changed:
The Limit Break System is now based on the original game where each damage the character receives, the Limit bar will fill until it is complete and the character reaches the status "Limit" , releasing the Limit command for the character to use.
Once the Limit Break is used, the Limit Break bar will return to zero.

2 - Some of the characters' texts were translated which were not in English.

3 - A new Logo Art was created for the game.

4 - The character's option to jump to the enemy and attack was removed because of a bug where the character was paralyzed and remained in front of the enemy.

5 - Also 2 extra items have been added to the game:
Steal - Allows you to steal 1 of 15 different items from an enemy while the character attacks with a 50% theft percentage.

Limit Plus - When equipped in a character, the filling speed of the Limit bar fills twice as fast.

6 - Several graphic errors have also been corrected.