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An interesting take on a few classic fantasy stories mashed together with touching moments in between.

Disclaimer:Before I continue on with this review, please take note that I played this game after a very tumultuous day and that might affect my judgement. With that being said, let's proceed with the review.

The gameplay of Soulflowers revolves around three things, exploration, puzzle solving and battles. You start out as being a very dull and weak opponent and almost everything kills you. There are also people and events that can easily kill you and prompt an end game, but I guess this is how the game keeps you on track. The early game is very dangerous and I found myself saving continuously. The early combat is quite boring, but understandably so, as you get more party members and as they level up they get new spells, etc the standard stuff, but you don't. That's right you don't get anything until you pick a class, which you can obtain by doing a quest. I found this to be quite a pleasant surprise and it did really spice up the combat. The animations and action sequences are decent enough and the boss battles are quite interesting, yet they are somewhat hit or miss regarding their challenge level, some are hard and satisfying while others, while not bad felt a little easy.
The puzzles were decent too, with a few notable exceptions which were very hard
to figure out and forced me to look up the guide.
The exploration itself is satisfying, but the game could have used more of it, the world itself is decent sized and there is some merit to revisiting old areas, yet the odd thing is that certain types of monsters will only spawn if you get certain missions.
Overall decent gameplay, the balancing could have used a bit more work, but
it isn't bad, also I am happy that it didn't devolve into a grind-fest of
non stop battles.

The game is very story driven, like most rpgs. You are given enough to intrigue you at first, the story line quickly fluctuates in the early game. The stakes are apparently lowered and all you have to do is to go find a mage that can point you in the right direction, while the two witches fool around with you. Why they fool around with you wasn't very clear to me at first, but I found out soon enough. The game is riddled with flavor text and interesting dialogue, although you must be curious and pay attention to figure out that there are some narratives going on in the background, and yes, the game really touches upon some of them. Once you get finish your standard go to dungeon and get key quest, the story really kicks in. Some of the aforementioned narratives start to integrate with the main plot resulting in a few tense, sad, cool and touching moments, and then it doesn't stop. The story of the two witches and the aftermath of it's conclusion was the best part of this game. The ending or endings, as I understand there are more, was also good and left me with a feeling that I've played something great.
The Characters also are interesting, they do not feel like npcs and feel like people. Your crew is also very interesting and I like the fact that they drive the story and not vice versa. There are a few formatting and grammar mistakes here and there, but despite all that the author took special care to create a certain type of dynamic, with characters completing each other, remarking things, chatting, getting angry, getting sad at one another, getting distracted... I feel like they are one of the strong points of this game.

Final Thoughts
This game was a surprisingly good experience for me, the soundtrack was varied
and spot on, the story interesting and the characters really grew on me. My only real complaint is that the game could have used a lot more custom art. The game certainly has a need for some custom art for it. The combat could have used a bit more polished too... With that being said I really enjoyed it...