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DISCLAIMER: Original work, The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 3 (稲葉探偵事件ファイルNO.3), by Suika Bar. English translation is provided by Memories of Fear.

  • Genre: Horror Adventure.
  • Playtime: Approximately 1.5 to 3 hours.
  • Endings: Seven endings. Three Bad Endings, two Normal Endings, and two True Endings.
  • Content Warning: Blood and Gore, Language, and Violence.
  • Spoiler-Related Content Warning:
    Cannibalism and Suicide.

Nina Arimura, a high schooler and assistant to the Inaba Detective Bureau, recently heard a rumor that's been getting passed among her classmates: There's a nearby mansion in which a ghoul is said to reside; a few have entered the mansion, only to never be seen again. Soon after, Arimura discovers some classmates trying to enter the mansion, so out of concern for their safety, she follows after them. Inaba then gets a call from Nina asking for help, so it is up to Detective Sogo Inaba to investigate this abandoned, haunted home all on his own...

This game is the third and final chapter of the The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba trilogy. It is highly recommended to play the first two games, The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 1 and The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 2, as well as the prologue, The Investigation Files of Assistant Arimura (which comes packaged with the game), before playing.

This game is made by Suika Bar using Wolf RPG Editor and it was released on September 22nd, 2017. The American fan translation group, Memories of Fear, translated this game and released it on November 7th, 2019.


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I just finished the game I feel so empty :'(
Before playing part3 i replayed the two others and I forgot how good this series was, I'm definitively gonna miss it!
I'm not a fan of jumpscares but I liked how part3 was scarier than the first two who weren't scary at all.
I'm gonna miss Inaba and Nina's friendship so much. This game/series definitively deserves to be recognized as one of the best rpg horror games along with the other famous ones.
Hey since I'm stupid could you guys help me how to get all the endings?
Hey since I'm stupid could you guys help me how to get all the endings?

We have written a walkthrough here. It will tell you how to obtain all seven endings to the game. Good luck!
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