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In a post-apocalyptic future, monsters abound, loud music is law, and chaos reigns. Four anti-heroines are tasked with returning order to a devastated world and restoring the five harmonies. But first, they must go through the Gods which protect them...

EVOLV Games presents HARMONIC ODYSSEY, an experience that's one part RPG, one part heavy metal choose your own adventure story, and eleven parts badass! Coming soon for mobile, web, Windows, Mac!

What makes Harmonic Odyssey different from other visual novels?
Aside from the usual fare -- immersive storyline, compelling characters, and a chance to mess with nearly all of it, Harmonic Odyssey has classic RPG and JRPG elements as well. Quests, shops, and a combat system are all here, and the world offers plenty of room for free-roaming. Be warned, though: These systems are not immune to the choices you make, and even inconsequential decisions can lead to more challenging (and possibly more rewarding?) gameplay.

Where can I get the demo on release day, and what will be the price?
You can download a copy on our homepage. Harmonic Odyssey will be totally free, but a donation of $2.00 or more will get you the demo (for multiple platforms) as well as a special Development Pack, which includes a PDF art concept and design book, exclusive wallpapers, and more... Plus, our thanks for helping our studio to create even more games!

Demo releasing December 12, 2019

Full game releasing Q3 2020

Latest Blog

Harmonic Odyssey: The Five Gods Demo is Released!

This is it! The moment your humble dev-team (me) has been waiting for! Harmonic Odyssey: The Five Gods now has a playable demo!

Harmonic Odyssey is a new visual novel, the latest release from EVOLV Games and artist/writer/solo-developer, Dawn Best. Join Baen-Shee, an all-female band of misfits as they explore a futuristic dystopia ruled by a quintet of malevolent monsters known as The Five Gods. Be warned, though: Harmonic isn't just another visual novel with kinetic gameplay. Your choices along the way may disrupt or enhance your experience, as paths will open up or be closed forever based upon your actions, interactions, exploration, and combat results.

...Wait. Combat? In a visual novel?

Did we mention there's also a turn-based battle system with timed mini-games that put you in charge of the girls' musical abilities? That's right -- you'll be using music to do battle with your foes along with other unique and sometimes a little off-beat skills and attacks. And it's not all about timing. Pay attention to how your enemies react while making note of their weak points to deal the most damage.

Harmonic Odyssey: The Five Gods demo is currently available for Windows and MacOS, with other versions releasing, soon. The game is free to play, but a donation of $5.00 or more will land you a "Development Pack" that includes a concept art book, original soundtrack of 18 songs, a digital comic book of "Daemonology #0" that features the cast in their first original (and quite different) iteration, a few wallpapers, and of course, access to any additional versions of this pack of extra goodies as they are released. The full version of the game is scheduled for release, Q3, 2020.

Happy god-hunting!
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  • 11/07/2019 12:13 PM
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  • 07/31/2020
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Wow, just wow!
Sooo looking forward to this one!

Sparkles is a woman? O_o
Wow, just wow!
Sooo looking forward to this one!

Sparkles is a woman? O_o

Thank you, Phoenix of blue flames!

Hope you enjoy the demo and the game's full release in the coming days and months!

And yes... we have it under fairly reliable authority that Sparkles is, in fact, female, and identifies as such.

And we are much too afraid of her to ask the lady herself!
Ooh, this looks really interesting! Love the art.
Definitely going to check it out when it releases!
Ooh, this looks really interesting! Love the art.
Definitely going to check it out when it releases!

Thank you for your kind words, Bart of the Sun! We hope both you and your most excellent beard enjoy the time spent playing!
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