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Misao Results and "Where the Moon Goes At Night 2"

Hello again all!
The Misao results are in, and Where the Moon Goes at Night seems to have done alright, taking the runner-up for "Trippiest Game", and Liberty's choice for "The Kentona Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence".
As nice of news as this may be, unfortunately I have to "stick to my guns" so to speak when it comes to this: I promised a sequel to Where the Moon Goes At Night should the game win any Misao awards or should the game be a runner up to Theia: The Crimson Eclipse. The game's runner up position was not, in fact to Theia: The Crimson Eclipse, and thus Where the Moon Goes At Night will not receive a sequel in any form, at minimum not one created by myself.
I would say congratulations to the "winners", but really this year was more or less completely dominated by "Theia: The Crimson Eclipse", so I'd only really be thanking one person lol.


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