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"Post-Mortem" and Where the Moon Goes At Night's been out for half a year!

It feels really strange to say that Where the Moon Goes At Night has been around for half a year now, and it's even stranger to think about the overwhelming positive reception the game's received.
I suppose now's as good a time as any to re-evaluate a lot of my decisions with this project, considering that I personally have grown to be sort of against popular opinion when it comes to how I perceive this game retrospectively:
To be honest, even though I still really enjoy the surrealism and some of the plot, I kinda dislike most of the travel aspects after the rooftop meeting with Master Niko. I personally think the moon is fun though, and I'll still defend my choice for using Megalovania as the theme for the fight against Toragu.
That said though, I'm still always proud to see people discussing the game, although to be honest I think it'll probably be forgotten by everyone at some point sooner or later, so I sort of relish the opportunity to enjoy the game's "success" while it still lasts lol.
The characters and the setting are still compelling to me, and I do fully intend to revisit them at some point in the future. Perhaps I might dig up my old sequel plans or something at some point, who knows?
Anyhow, I hope you look forward to Beetle Ninja! Although I've deleted the RMN page recently (because quite frankly a lot of what's been posted is extremely outdated and it isn't really up to my quality standards), and a new demo is coming at some point in the future.