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Shooty and the Catfish: Reloaded is a combination of Shooty and the Catfish Episodes 1 & 2 fully remastered as well as the original final 3 episodces combined into a single game. Feel free to continue to check out the original 2 episodes released but know that when the final game launches it will have some significant changes.

Welcome to the world of Nimbin, a world full of strange characters and even stranger characters. Shooty and Zaat are a team dedicated to solving mysterious monster mysteries, for a price of course, as much as they love what they do they cant do it just for the love ya know. In todays episode a call comes in from a mushroom mining town called Grit where strange things are definitely afoot!

A Game by Visitors From Dreams
Music by Jim Hort
Additional Music by Agent Ape: https://agentape.bandcamp.com/
Promo Art by Nathan Malone: https://www.artstation.com/zekeyspaceylizard

Latest Blog

Episode 5 - The Show Must Go On

Hello everyone! Sorry todays update is a little later than usual, I wanted to make sure I had this section of the game fully completed before writing up this update and I also wanted to completely alter the layout of my studio space, something I still need to finish. ANYWAY, here is what was accomplished this week on development!

First up all of the enemy placements for the second part of Newfolk Castle are now in place. Its not a large area in terms of space but it is quite dense and I wanted to make sure there was enough combat in it to not feel empty but I also didn't want it to feel crowded. A very difficult balance to maintain. Seeing as this is the last area of the game this is not only the last time I will be doing placements for this Dungeon BUT also for the entire game! What a relief!

I also added in all of the appropriate treasure chests, healing stations and bookshelves with lore. The last leg of the dungeon has a few more chests to go in it so I cant say this part of the projects development is completely finished but damn if it isnt close!

NPC interactions have been added in, now you can have the second conversation with Captain Alpaca and help him out of trouble (assuming you saved him the first time of course) as well as reoccuring politician Mad Monkfish. Theres still quite a bit of NPC dialogue to go throughout the game, though most of its exclusive to time spent between episodes, that said theres still a fair bit of work remaining in that regard.

I had to make some changes to the way the dungeon maps work, some floors couldnt be walked on so I set them so they could, of course I forgot that some of those assets were also used as walls so I had to manually block out spaces you cant go. Not a big deal by any means but still something I figured I should mention.

So then whats next? Well once this update is live I will be moving onto finalising the tilesheets for the final part of the game. Once those maps are complete the game is fully mapped which will feel amazing, or I hope it will anyway. The maps I will be working on are the only ones that still contain the original 4 shades of green gameboy visuals so its going to be a big jump. Its also a snow covered area so im not entirely sure how I will handle the colors, it will be an interesting one either way.

Then tomorrow its on to editing this weeks devlog which I feel might end up being a little on the shorter side but its hard to entirely know for sure, I guess it all depends on how much I get recorded thisafternoon!

And thats it for this week! Thank you as always for checking in and I hope you choose to check in again next week! Peace out and have a good one!


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Hype! I'm always interested in your next move and this one's more than interesting.
Extra hype for having Agent Ape on board!
Hype! I'm always interested in your next move and this one's more than interesting.
Extra hype for having Agent Ape on board!

Got those next gen ray traced graphics now! And yup, Ape did 5 tracks for the game!
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

*episodces -spelling error in description
*episodces -spelling error in description

Yup, that sounds like something I would do ha ha. Kinda surprised theres only one typo.
Besr Richard Slayer
You better not change that error!
You better not change that error!
I thought I had but I must not have hit save. Ah well, it gives it personality I suppose.
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