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Well, as some of you would well know, Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded somehow won a Misao! My first Misao actually.

Just a little post to say thank you to everyone who played it and voted for it!

I will have more information about my next game Stripe: The Last Tiger soon! Just wrapping up some freelance work that's gone on longer than I had hoped. -_-


Its done... go play it.

Yup, 7 years after its announcement Shooty and the Catfish is Shooty and the Catfinished.

You can check out my fancy pantsy launch trailer right here:

And now that you have watched the trailer you can either download the game from this site OR you can head over to itch and donate fat wads of cash to me for my free project.

Or you can just not play it because the game is quite stupid.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have fun!


Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded will no longer be a commercial release.

Hello everyone, sorry for the radio silence over the last few weeks. There has been a lot going on and without boring you with the details they range from family members in the hospital to freelance work and home renovations (actually after this post is finished I will be moving onto restructuring my home studio, so this stuff is still ongoing).

First up, an update on the game development. I have still been slowly chipping away at it and the next devlog. Episode 4 is complete and relatively well balanced. Despite its large size it wasn't overly broken which was a nice surprise. Episode 5 is also about 1/2 completed and I am hoping to get more work done on it tonight to bring it up to 3/4 completion. Once Episode 5 is done... well all that's left it to send the game out for testing and to put together a trailer, the finish line is in sight. This also means the next devlog will be the last one for this particular project.

So, that brings me to my announcement that Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded will no longer be a commercial release. I have had quite a few people DM me about why this change is occurring and its something I want to go into much more detail here.

First and foremost, the decision is due to time restraints, which might sound a bit odd. The reality is I am now working more hours at my day job which has slashed the amount of free time I have for development (and now freelance work is starting to recover from COVID19 as well). While I will be trying to make the final release as bug free as possible I know some will still slip through but I will not have time to offer the sort of support that I personally feel a commercial release should have. Obviously, as a free release, I will be trying to squash any missed bugs as best I can, but I'm not going to feel the same level of mental pressure (I hope).

Second of all, I really like my job and don't have any interest in pursuing game development as a full-time career, indie or otherwise. I genuinely appreciate and value the risks that not developing for money allows me to make creatively and I want to keep taking those risks. I know that if I start developing with a financial return in mind it's going to affect the choices I make for my projects during development and I just really don't want that to ever be a factor.

Lastly, I have been releasing entertainment online for free for almost 20 years now and I really feel like its kind of just a part of who I am at this point...

That said, any donations via itch.io made for the game, much like my Patreon, will be put towards the soundtrack for my next game Stripe: The Last Tiger (which you can see some very early preproduction on in the next devlog). I am fully committed to paying any and all contributors to my games and any additional income that can go towards that will always be incredibly appreciated.

As I mentioned earlier I have a lot of freelance going on, the timing is pretty annoying given how close this project is to having its development wrapped but it is what it is so I will once again be disabling payments for this Patreon account until development can kick off in earnest once again. Expect a new upload of source files if your a Patron on July 1st.

Thank you, everyone, for reading, I hope you are all well. Stay strong, stay safe.

Progress Report

Zaats Animations Slapped Together

Get it? Because slapping is her base attack... no? Well okay.

Anyway, Zaat is what this update is all about.

Things are a little different to Shootys animations this time around. While Shooty had to have his animations completely reworked, Zaats original combat animations were essentially just speech bubbles (outside of her base slap attack anyway). Rather than reworking them from the ground up I thought it would be fun to have Zaat appear beside the speech bubbles with each skill having its own expressive little animation. She will also appear on the opposite side to Shooty, having each of them attack from opposite sides seems like a fun dynamic to me and I think will sell the whole teamwork angle.

I haven't had a chance to implement them in the engine as of yet (That's my weekend plan) but once they are that is all of the visual asset work for the game 100% completed. Very exciting!

Something else I have added to my "to-do list" for the game is adding collectable treasure into the game. I know through feedback people wish there was more money for buying ammo and other resources but I think finding some valuable treasure hidden away in the game's dungeons (and maybe elsewhere) will be a little more exciting. Likewise, once the combat is rebalanced (the next big section of work after the treasure are implemented) I will also be adding in healing items into the dungeons to help with status effects.

Anyway, that's all still to come, next up is getting these new animations into the game!

Thanks again for your support everyone and happy developing!

Progress Report

Shootys Animations Reloaded

Hello everyone! God, it feels good to be able to bring you an actual update this week! Things might still not be as consistent as they were before the apocalypse started but I am 100% back to work on Shooty and the Catfish and I even have some work to show off!

Before I get to that though you might have noticed the video I have linked above, as I have been mentioning on Twitter I have started working on hi-fi videos, at the moment they have largely been covering unboxings but I am also working on some videos that are breaking down the use of active speakers for... well for doing what I do at my work desk, game development, game playing, watching movies and video editing... the works really. So I will be sharing these videos here as well.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk development!

While my free time is still super limited due to the hours I am putting into these videos for work I decided to start setting small achievable goals. Thankfully with all that really remains of development left to be done being animations, combat balancing, audio design and the fully animated cutscenes that should be pretty achievable now I have a sort of plan of attack for them.

This week I spent my free time working on attack animations for Shooty specifically. The game originally used a series of first-person animations that were inspired by games like Duke Nukem and Doom, but I never really felt like they worked as well as I would have liked, especially once the game was moved to widescreen.





To better accommodate the change to widescreen I took some inspiration from Lisa: The Painful RPG and decided to inject a bit more of the parties personally into the attack animations, and so a new set of animations were born.





I also managed to get animations done for Shootys remaining skills that had not yet been put into the game, so not only have I caught up with where I was progression wise but I have also now exceeded it.


Rocket Launcher

These animations still need to be added into the game engine properly (the template they were made with has been tested so I know they work) and the sound effects need to be reworked but this is a huge step forward for the project. Zaat will be getting the same makeover next week so keep your eyes peeled for more next week!

And that's it for this week! I will have a devlog covering this topic in more detail on Monday. I think as far as the devlog's go, from this point on, at least for a while instead of being weekly they will instead just cover each individual element of development as its done (Shootys animations, Zaats animations, rebalancing skills, reworking the audio, etc, etc).

I leave you now with a bunch of gifs and I will update this Patreon again as soon as Zaats animations are done!

Have a great week everyone, happy game deving and stay safe!

Progress Report

Episode 1 - Fixing The Trophy Room

Hello Patrons. Only a small update for you this week as I have been doing a few more hours at work than I would normally.

Despite that, I managed to get some important work done. As you can see in the image above the trophy room (you get trophies by defeating optional bosses) for the game is now complete and now functions correctly across all 5 episodes, this took a little more testing than I had first expected but it all worked out in the end. The same eventing was used for the nexus which has also been added to the game (something that was found in the original Game Boy demo but was removed in the standalone Episode 1 & 2 releases).

I also updated the intro and outro sequences for Episodes 1 and 2 to work in the widescreen format the game has since moved too. This meant moving around quite a few events and transfers as well as adjusting all of the text in those sequences to make use of the additional space awarded to them thanks to the extra screen real estate.

Really that's it for this week, this afternoon I am hoping to knock out the intro and outro for Episode 3 and next week I will be moving onto Episodes 4 and 5.

Until then have a great weekend and I will see you all when this week's devlog hits on Sunday!

Progress Report

Episode 5 - King

Hello everybody and welcome to this weeks development update. I will say right off the bat its not going to be a big one, not because I didn't get much done, far from it, but I feel like diving too much into what I achieved would lean a bit too far into spoiler territory.

What I can say is that the second last boss fight is now in place, an encounter with a character simply known as "King". If the crown and thrown doesn't give it away its because he is a king... surprise!

His inclusion pretty much marks the end of development for the final chapter of the game, in terms of the nuts and bolts anyway. Once this post is live I will be working on finishing off the eventing for this chapter which seeing as its the climax of the game is going to be quite a task. Theres a lot of dialogue and other small things I need to write.

Along with King I have also been working on another boss... the last boss, and while I won't go into detail about them I will say they have been a bit more of a challenge than any other encounter in the game, mainly due to the fact they are made up of 4 individual sprites in order to give them a sense of size and scale. It hasn't been easy but I think I will have them fully functional today.

And thats pretty much it for this week, once this final episode is finished my next step will be to start adding in the sections between each episode, 2 of them are already dont thanks to the original Episode 1 and 2 releases (though they need some modifications) but Episodes 3 - 5 still need to be done. How long they will take is up in the air since its largely dialogue and some light eventing, but im hoping to jump onto them next week!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to updating you all on my progress again next Friday!

Progress Report

Episode 5 - The Show Must Go On

Hello everyone! Sorry todays update is a little later than usual, I wanted to make sure I had this section of the game fully completed before writing up this update and I also wanted to completely alter the layout of my studio space, something I still need to finish. ANYWAY, here is what was accomplished this week on development!

First up all of the enemy placements for the second part of Newfolk Castle are now in place. Its not a large area in terms of space but it is quite dense and I wanted to make sure there was enough combat in it to not feel empty but I also didn't want it to feel crowded. A very difficult balance to maintain. Seeing as this is the last area of the game this is not only the last time I will be doing placements for this Dungeon BUT also for the entire game! What a relief!

I also added in all of the appropriate treasure chests, healing stations and bookshelves with lore. The last leg of the dungeon has a few more chests to go in it so I cant say this part of the projects development is completely finished but damn if it isnt close!

NPC interactions have been added in, now you can have the second conversation with Captain Alpaca and help him out of trouble (assuming you saved him the first time of course) as well as reoccuring politician Mad Monkfish. Theres still quite a bit of NPC dialogue to go throughout the game, though most of its exclusive to time spent between episodes, that said theres still a fair bit of work remaining in that regard.

I had to make some changes to the way the dungeon maps work, some floors couldnt be walked on so I set them so they could, of course I forgot that some of those assets were also used as walls so I had to manually block out spaces you cant go. Not a big deal by any means but still something I figured I should mention.

So then whats next? Well once this update is live I will be moving onto finalising the tilesheets for the final part of the game. Once those maps are complete the game is fully mapped which will feel amazing, or I hope it will anyway. The maps I will be working on are the only ones that still contain the original 4 shades of green gameboy visuals so its going to be a big jump. Its also a snow covered area so im not entirely sure how I will handle the colors, it will be an interesting one either way.

Then tomorrow its on to editing this weeks devlog which I feel might end up being a little on the shorter side but its hard to entirely know for sure, I guess it all depends on how much I get recorded thisafternoon!

And thats it for this week! Thank you as always for checking in and I hope you choose to check in again next week! Peace out and have a good one!

Progress Report

Episode 5 - We Are Slowly Getting There

Hello everyone! I trust that you are all keeping well. Its been a very busy week with me getting used to my new work schedule but the weather has been kind so I have been super productive on my off days, so lets get into what I managed to get done this week (and briefly what I will be working on once this post goes live).

First of all the first of the three segments of Newfolk Castle (the final dungeon/episode) are now complete (outside of enemy balancing). All new graphics, item placements, enemy sprites and battlers and of course the optional boss fight pictured below with Heart and Soul of Soma Spirits has now been included. It wont be the last fight in the game (well I guess it will be if you leave it until the post game) but it is planned to be the most challenging.

This week also saw the complete rehauling of the second section of Newfolk Castle (as you can see below). There has been a lot of changes to the games narrative since it was originally mapped (not to mention the shift to a whole new art style) so it needed a pretty major rehaul, and despite being a smaller series of maps its quite dense so the updates took a lot longer than some of the revisions of other larger maps. I still have quite a bit of work to do to this section of Newfolk Castle such as fixing up all of the transfer events which were broken when I adjust the maps to fit the games change in aspect ratio. It also needs to have all of its items, healing stations and stores added in. Lastly it needs to have its own set of unique enemies and a boss designed for it which is what I plan on doing once this post is live, this part of the development will be covered in the next devlog so be sure to tune in!

Lastly as mentioned in a couple of other media channels I am changing the way my rewards work, so from now on if your in the $5 tier you will get access to a monthly updated folder that contains all of my working files for not just this project, but any future planned projects as well. Once Shooty and the Catfish is finished I plan on making a little freebie game in GB Studio before coming back to RPGM MV to make what im going to consider my RPG Maker Swansong as after that game (which is currently in the planning stages and I will be keeping close to my chest until development starts) I will be moving to Game Maker Studio. I figured with all of these engines im looking at working with the source files to my work so they can be reverse engineered would of more value to my Patrons than little demos ever could be.

Anyway, thats it for this week! Look out for the new Devlog this Sunday (itll be out on time for Patrons this time I promise!) and have a great weekend everybody!

Progress Report

Episode 5 - January 2018 vs January 2020

It certainly seems fitting to round out 2019 and to start 2020 working on the exact same maps as the game started with back in January 2018. Thats right, the start of Shooty and the Catfish Episode 5 is actually the demo from the very first game demo released way back in February 2018. Of course it has gone through some pretty major overhauls since then. To celebrate these overhauls I will be sharing some comparison shots as opposed to the usual screenshot fair to really sell how much things have changed (and in my opinion) improved. But first, behold, the exterior map for the sewers, the starting area for Episode 5 in all its recolored glory. You can also enjoy the gif of the Nimbin crew from my old animated series having a good time up top if thats your thing. Lucky you!

Its admittedly sort of strange looking at this map, it was originally made up of 3 smaller individual exterior maps, those sections are still pretty damn obvious looking at the map as it is now. I went through this phase where I wanted all of my maps to line up correctly, as though the spaces each one took up were super important. My take away from this is that, yes, it is important, if your working in 3D. Nobody will see 80% of this map in game due to the 2D nature of the project and the fact that most of its cut off. Oh well, lessons for the next project.

Anyway, this weeks accomplishments were pretty standard, the first thing I got one was updating all of the tilesets for the sewers in Episode 5. These sewers lead into a place called Newfolk Castle which is where Episode 5 largely takes place, its made up of 3 back to back dungeons (or one VERY big dungeon if you want to look at it that way) so it will definitely be a change of pace from the rest of the game and it will hopefully make up for the 2 smaller dungeons proceeding it in Episodes 3 and 4.


I also got the NPCs done for the Episode, which was a lot less time consuming than any previous part of the game seeing as there are only 4 thanks to the lack of a town in this episode. As mentioned and pictured above those NPCs are Blob, Ben, Amir and Max (and Gerkinman of course) from my mid 2000s animated series Nimbin, all hanging around a campfire, as they always tended to do. By this point in the game Gerkinman is all out of new weapons for you so he will just want to chat about pickled dicks... as he does.

I also updated all of the enemy sprites and battlers for the area, there wasnt too many thankfully as its a small zone, just 3 enemy types and 2 bosses but I was surprised at how complex those sprites were in terms of detail. i guess it was as a result of the original gameboy aesthetic? Or maybe just my lack of experience with pixel art at the time but they definitely didnt follow the less is more approach of later enemies in the game.

Other than that my time was mostly spent cleaning up some old bugs and changing the way some eventing worked since I have learnt a hell of a lot since this section of the game was done. I had a couple of occasions where I broke things that should have been simple to change but weren't because these early parts of the game were being held together with ducktape... So that was exciting. Its always fun when you break things without knowing how.

This week more than anything has been a week of reflection. While Shooty and the Catfish has been in a playable state for 2 years its been in development for a lot more than that, a development hell even, so to see so much of the game come together so quickly over the last few months, its really been pretty empowering in a lot of ways. In 2 short years its gone from being a 20 minute long demo made in 4:3 aspect ratio with a gameboy color scheme with only one playable party member to a widescreen 16:9 full color 2 party 5 hour adventure with even more left to go. Its all a bit surreal really.

So thank you for your support during this projects development, and I look forward to supplying you with more updates, animations and games not just this year, but well into the future!

Also, as an end of year gift to everybody, here is the download link for the December demo, which allows you to explore and interact with the fine folks of Flatwoods: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvu3rcaoryjrw6n/SC_DECEMBER_DEMO.zip?dl=0

And because im going to be away this weekend (hence the day early Patreon update) here is the link to this weeks Shooty and the Catfish Devlog: https://youtu.be/HVL8t6EYotY

Happy holidays everyone and see you next week!
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