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Episode 4 - Flatwoods Swamp

Oh man, sorry for the long absense, things have been absolutely crazy between the freelance project i had been working on for the last 3 weeks along with the holiday season but I am here and ready to share updates!

First of all, the NPCs in the township of Flatwoods are all in the game and up and running. Theres really only 2 critical NPCs but which ones they are is up to the player to work out... well actually no, only one is critical that isnt Gerkinman at the gun shop... nevermind...

I also just finished the dungeon, Flatwoods Swamp. All of the enemy sprites and battlers are done, the eventing, the writing, the works! Those of you that played my first game Flatwoods might even recognize the ruins of some of the areas from that game like Mr Fishers Farm pictured above.

You might also recognize some familiar faces from that game... or just from the Flatwoods mythology in general. It was a lot of fun going back to some motifs from that game lemme tell ya. Even the chickens have recieved an upgrade.

It feels weird having the game take so long to get through Episodes 1 & 2 only to suddenly already have practically finished Episode 4. I look forward to starting the bulk of Episode 5 next week!

Oh yeah... and Flatwoods isnt the only RPG Maker Game thats a focus of Episode 4... How mysterious!

Thats it for this week though, im exhausted and as much as I could go into detail I already have in this weeks devlog (yes I know I missed a week, apologies) so I hope you join me on Monday for that!

Until then I hope you are having a great weekend and holiday!


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Whoa, that's some progress! I expected this to take way longer. Also, I'll be happy to return to Flatwoods. The swamp looks radical.
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