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Episode 5 - King

Hello everybody and welcome to this weeks development update. I will say right off the bat its not going to be a big one, not because I didn't get much done, far from it, but I feel like diving too much into what I achieved would lean a bit too far into spoiler territory.

What I can say is that the second last boss fight is now in place, an encounter with a character simply known as "King". If the crown and thrown doesn't give it away its because he is a king... surprise!

His inclusion pretty much marks the end of development for the final chapter of the game, in terms of the nuts and bolts anyway. Once this post is live I will be working on finishing off the eventing for this chapter which seeing as its the climax of the game is going to be quite a task. Theres a lot of dialogue and other small things I need to write.

Along with King I have also been working on another boss... the last boss, and while I won't go into detail about them I will say they have been a bit more of a challenge than any other encounter in the game, mainly due to the fact they are made up of 4 individual sprites in order to give them a sense of size and scale. It hasn't been easy but I think I will have them fully functional today.

And thats pretty much it for this week, once this final episode is finished my next step will be to start adding in the sections between each episode, 2 of them are already dont thanks to the original Episode 1 and 2 releases (though they need some modifications) but Episodes 3 - 5 still need to be done. How long they will take is up in the air since its largely dialogue and some light eventing, but im hoping to jump onto them next week!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to updating you all on my progress again next Friday!


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Cool stuff!
Looking forward the full release. I need to make MV work on Linux for this, finally.
Cool stuff!
Looking forward the full release. I need to make MV work on Linux for this, finally.

Its certainly starting to take shape!
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