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Having served his time in the great war, a man known as The Reaper, seeks out fame and fortune in new lands. Coming across the land know as Areqa, you learn of an ancient and foreboding legend. A fallen angel, known to the people of this land as Hezura, has awoken. It's up to you to slay her once and for all or let the land fall into a new dark age.

The Reaper - Having grown up as an orphan in a rural farming village, the man was actually given no name at his birth. When war broke out between his home land and a neighboring kingdom he was forced into battle. During the war, the unknown man was surrounded by enemy forces. The man fought his way to safety, killing over 100 men in the process. After this men started referring to him as The Reaper.

Reaper of Swords is a 2-D side scrolling Platformer / RPG. This game features beautiful pixel art by Luis Zuno "ansimuz" and great atmospheric music by Pascal Belisle. The game has fully functional keyboard and Xbox controller support.

This game is pretty short and can be completed in one sitting.
There are 4 stages: Cemetery, Town, Swamp, and Temple.

Latest Blog

Working on next game

A Song in Elyel Nalore is an action platformer, similar to Reaper of Swords.
Currently in early development.

What video shows:

-Village and castle level. Can walk from one level to another.
-Can run, jump, attack, double attack, special attack, jump attack, drop through certain platforms.
-Animated trees, grass, and torches.


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Hey, this looks cool. Keep it up!
The most beautiful user on RMN!
Hey, this looks cool. Keep it up!

I will try too :)
The art is beautiful. I'll try it since I am curious. 2d action game? Yes please!
Download released, good works.
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