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It's a beautiful new morning. Time to work some evil into the world.

As Eliza, assistant Evil Witch, you must work hard to bring evil to the sleepy underground hamlet where you live. You'll have to bring your scheming game if you want to get in your boss's good graces--but is that what you really want? And what of the new witch in town?

Originally made for the 2019 Interactive Fiction Competition, The Shadow Witch is a short (~15 minutes) adventure game featuring graphics by First Seed Material, White Screw Shop, Akiroom, Edengear, and Healy. Music and sound by Enterbrain, Maou Damashii, G2 Midi, Karugamo Midi, and Moonwind.

Content Warnings:
abusive relationships (specifically between Eliza and her boss), cyber-harassment (one of the evil deeds involves triggering Eliza's friend's arachnophobia), and strong language.

Latest Blog

The Shadow Witch's download is up!

I am pleased to announce that the download for The Shadow Witch 1.2 is up! (I may release a later version, but don't hold your breath.) Anyway, if you're interested, go play it!
  • Completed
  • Healy
  • RPG Maker 2000
  • Adventure
  • 11/24/2019 11:40 PM
  • 11/29/2019 01:16 PM
  • 10/01/2019
  • 5969
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