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Progress Report

Beta 1.0

I began my journey as an Indie Game Developer 5 years ago; trying to get my first full fledged game on it's feet. Before that, I was a musician trying to start punk bands since High School. This game means the WORLD to me. It's my first fully fledged professional creation & It's so close to reaching it's completion!

This Beta contains every feature the final game will have. A few retouches are unavoidable, but everything is there! The game is as good as finished.

I've had so many positive comments & I know the game holds a lot of meaning for many. I genuinely feel Lockheart Indigo is becoming it's own creation separate from me & I couldn't be more proud.

I'm not sure what the future holds. I'll be taking a break in order to plan my next move. I can guarantee that Beta 2.0 will improve most of the most recent features as they are quite buggy.

Speaking of which, here is the list of features:

  • Locks & Keys have been revised.
  • Irrelevant Facts have been fixed.
  • The Interrogation's Fact system will no longer ask for multiple Facts on Lloyd & Yvon.
  • The communication window has been revised. (It's still pretty buggy though. I apologize.)
  • The text, spelling, & poetry of the whole game has been revised. (Special thanks to @Kill2birds)
  • Robot Sprites have been revised.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • Puzzles have been balanced.
  • New Music has been added!
  • Persuasions will now tell you which skills you've already used.

I'm so glad everyone will be able to play this close to final version of the game. I'll be keeping my twitter followers updated on what I'm up to in the next few days. Take a look if you're interested! https://twitter.com/HarmlessGameDev

Until next time,
- Harmless


Alpha 4.0.0 & Future Plans

Hello hello! Glad to have Alpha 4 done & over with. Our next major update will be Beta 1! How exciting! (Beta 1 means all the features of the game will be complete. It's all bug fixing from here, folks!)

I kept things simple for Alpha 4. I've focused on remapping area's I had neglected in previous builds. I've also added more lore & extra environmental tidbits. Also, Letsplayers & Streamers will be happy to hear that the game resizes a lot better now. I'm sorry it took so long for me to fix this.

Here's the list of new features:

  • The Lab, the Nursery, the Oracle room, & Evan/Yvon/Keit's areas have all been remapped.
  • New environmental text has been added.
  • Some minor horror elements have been sprinkled in.
  • Being hit by a robot will no longer cause insta-death.
  • And, Screen resizing is a lot more flexible now!

Regarding the project's future, I've recently tweeted about some concerns I've had: Tweet Here.

I feel increasingly burnt out. Working on the same project for 3+ years leaves it's mark. My mind needs to focus on other things. I'll take the rest of the month off & will get Beta 1 done by May. From that point on, I'll take a break from development.

However, that doesn't mean I won't be working on the project. Far from it! I'll gather a group of Beta Testers & create a master list of bugs to fix. I'll also search for a publisher. I believe it's in the best interest of the game to gather the resources & ensure the game reaches as many hands as possible. I also have other business related tasks to tackle along with other things...

Things like... Making a Steam page.

On that note, take care & until next time! ;)


Alpha 3.0.0

Hey hey, Alpha 3 is finally here! Its the 2nd in 4 major updates leading to the Beta. We're half-way there!

This update focused on UI & gosh I have to admit I had a lot of fun. I find designing UI to be such an interesting challenge, since its about balancing information clarity & aesthetics. Very powerful stuff. I've rarely had to sit back & brain storm ideas this much. I'm very happy with the results.

Regarding the changes, Zelda fans will notice the (not so subtle) nod to the Zelda: ALTTP title screen. I'm still undecided on the colors of the title screen, but I just love how eccentric they are! I'm also thrilled to see the map placed to the for front of the menu. It's such a useful feature, but it was hidden in the depths of the menu originally... Yikes. We can also see the heads of every persuaded victim- ahem- I mean- suspect... The battle UI also better illustrates the different modes the game has. Not to mention the new labels given to the Enemy HP (aka Lock) & the timer now called "Nerve", which counts down the patience of the suspect before it costs you a life point.

Finally, my favorite piece, the Victory Screen, when a suspect's heart is unlocked... It has such a sinister vibe. If I were more reserved, I'd remove the cheesy tagline from that sequence, but gosh darn, I couldn't help myself, I had to add some pseudo-deep-poetic-catchphrase... I'm just such a sucker for those, after all~ Ehehe~

Here are the new features:
  • Title Screen

  • Title card

  • Main Menu

  • Game Menu, with a map, suspect list, and other features.

  • Battle UI

  • Victory Screen, for when the suspect's heart unlocks.

On a personal note, It's been 45 days since my last update! I'd love to update more often, but my access to internet has been limited. This is the third time I had to move in the last 9 months. Don't worry, I'm not in any trouble. The place I'm at right now is very good to me. I'm doing my best to take good care of myself. I've been playing more video games & taking time off.

I just want to take two seconds to thank anyone who has been supportive to me in the last few months. You're kindness has really helped me pull through.

Regarding the next update, I'm unsure if i'll make smaller updates between now & Alpha 4. I will be taking some time off, for good health. I should be back to work within less than a month! I assume Alpha 4 will take the same amount of time as all the other major updates take to make, which is to say 2 months. So if there's no updates in between, we'll see each other again in late March or early April!

Until then, I hope you find yourself well,
- Harmless
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