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It seems so long ago, Claire was an adventurer without really knowing what that meant. It sounded so romantic, so enigmatic, and so exciting. For a while, it was. She traveled with friends and with lovers and they all relied on each other. She kept them alive with her knowledge of medicine and they kept her alive with their knowledge of fighting. Then one day, all of the fighting and the medicine wasn't enough, and she couldn't keep them alive. Not one of them. She tried to drag one of them out of the undead infested tomb where they had met their fate, but she could only drag the smallest one. Why did she have to be so weak? It was the only other woman in the group. She wasn't quite dead then, but all of the medicines in the world couldn't save her, and Claire was broken inside. The only friend that had survived with her was her dear owl, Hephaestus.

There's a small town named Fendol that at first glance is in the middle of nowhere, but it's found on the most direct route between the capital city of Antium and the port city of Belliot. To the east is the sea and for thirty miles in any direction is absolutely nothing. Fendol has a single store for sundries, a trading post, and nothing else. Food is farmed here, and there is a seasonal farmer's market that sells fruits and vegetables during the summer. Claire has established the only apothecary and inn on the outskirts of Fendol and her inn is the only one in the region. How it's run is up to you. She's the only potion seller and innkeeper here and adventurers passing through are going to come straight to her.

Even being the only innkeeper and apothecary, reputation is everything. Make it a good one.

  • Entirely custom menu and crafting system
  • White Screw graphics
  • Story-based

Latest Blog

Alchemist and the Owl Bug Fix

Thanks to RPGMakerAddict, I became aware of a bug where the injured boy who needs a feather blacks out the screen. I've fixed that one.

There are two other bugs that I'd like to make everyone aware of:
One occurs randomly and I haven't been able to recreate it in a couple weeks, but RPGMakerAddict ran into it. There's a chance that entering the door of your house will get the game stuck. Not frozen. You can still access the menu and do commands, but your character gets stuck on the screen and can't move. I do not know what is causing it and thought I had fixed it when I found a move event that moved the wrong object. Since RPGMakerAddict found it, I have removed a parallel process on the map, reworking it into an autorun, reducing it to one parallel process active on the map. Hopefully, this fixes it, but I don't actually know if it will. Since this bug rarely occurs, I will simply advise you to save often.

The other bug isn't game-breaking, but it's annoying. In cutscenes that occur on maps where Haephestus is available, you can call the owl in the middle of the cutscenes. Turning the key detection switch off takes away access to the keystroke variable and doing this in cutscenes should fix the glitch, but it doesn't so I'm at a loss of what to do about it. It doesn't break the game, but looks really silly when it happens, especially given the serious tone of the game.

So, this version fixes the Wounded Son bug, might fix the Door Freeze bug (it's game-breaking but not serious since it doesn't often pop up.), and absolutely fails to fix the Inappropriate Owl Summoning bug.
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  • pianotm
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 12/02/2019 03:04 PM
  • 03/03/2020 12:22 AM
  • 12/30/2019
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Great, as usual!

Two only problems I found so far: the game once froze before re-entering the shop (I did not use the owl at the time, don't know if this was connected to that issue), and I also get a black screen after healing the boy with the feather (music keeps playing and no error message appears).

Anyway great job so far, I love the atmosphere and the concept of the game.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Huh. I just can't seem to fix that door glitch. I thought I had, but it really seems I have no idea what's causing it. So, that's two glitches I can't figure out how to fix...
The door glitch:
And a glitch that lets you call the owl during cutscenes. Turning off key detection should deal with the second glitch, but it doesn't and I have no idea what to do.
As for giving the boy the feather, I added all the non-relevant people and side quests at the very end of development. I did a bit of play-testing, but I guess I missed that. I'll take a look.

EDIT: WHOOPS! There is a stray hide screen command in the injured boy sidequest. That'll do it!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I have added bug fixed versions. I'm afraid that I deleted the versions that had a comment from Frogge without thinking about it!

Again, thank you so much, Frogge!
I am back! Aside for another "freezing when entering"issue, I had a problem when the warrior woke up. He asks for two potions more, so I went to collect the ingredients and... when I came back he was gone... no it was on the upper left part of the screen, unreachable.

Next time I was prepared so now I wonder what I have to do after the dialogue with the angry brother.........
there one ending for this game?

Yep there is one ending. I guess no more.
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