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Game Design

Alchemist and the Owl Bug Fix

Thanks to RPGMakerAddict, I became aware of a bug where the injured boy who needs a feather blacks out the screen. I've fixed that one.

There are two other bugs that I'd like to make everyone aware of:
One occurs randomly and I haven't been able to recreate it in a couple weeks, but RPGMakerAddict ran into it. There's a chance that entering the door of your house will get the game stuck. Not frozen. You can still access the menu and do commands, but your character gets stuck on the screen and can't move. I do not know what is causing it and thought I had fixed it when I found a move event that moved the wrong object. Since RPGMakerAddict found it, I have removed a parallel process on the map, reworking it into an autorun, reducing it to one parallel process active on the map. Hopefully, this fixes it, but I don't actually know if it will. Since this bug rarely occurs, I will simply advise you to save often.

The other bug isn't game-breaking, but it's annoying. In cutscenes that occur on maps where Haephestus is available, you can call the owl in the middle of the cutscenes. Turning the key detection switch off takes away access to the keystroke variable and doing this in cutscenes should fix the glitch, but it doesn't so I'm at a loss of what to do about it. It doesn't break the game, but looks really silly when it happens, especially given the serious tone of the game.

So, this version fixes the Wounded Son bug, might fix the Door Freeze bug (it's game-breaking but not serious since it doesn't often pop up.), and absolutely fails to fix the Inappropriate Owl Summoning bug.
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