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Originally made for the 2008 Retro Remakes competition it is a full 3D remake of the original Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. There are a few small changes Like I used Boo instead of Donkey Kong Junior(mainly because I was running out of time and Boo was easier to make a 3D model of) for a long time this game floated around many free game sites but apparently it has become forgotten so seeing as how the game no longer has a home anywhere else on the internet anymore I thought it could at least have a home here.
The game is a little buggy in places as I ran out of time and never touched it after the competition and is forced to an 800x600 fullscreen window(part of the competition rules)

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oh cool. I have to check this out!
Cool to see this on the homepage, I played this pretty recently!

Haha that's great to see. I see you found the wheel losing bug, I could never find the reason for it or how to stop it and seeing as how it was for a contest I ran out of time(there are four pivot points, one under each wheel and I use the angles between them to make the kart the correct angle to the terrain. Occasionally one will fall through the terrain and it drags the kart into funny angles)
Anyway hope you had fun and if you feel like writing a review even if its short I would appreciate it ;)
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